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Pokeschool Part/book1 Chapter1

by PassIntoTheMeme

PassIntoTheMeme Welcome to a series about pokemon school!

Gene glanced at the school, frowning. He hated school. Ever since the incident... He entered, the ariados at the enterance smiled and got a buff Arcanine to show him around "Hello! You must be gene! I'm miss.webb, I help the nurse and the principal, Windie here will show you around. And then he will take you to your class. B-but before you go, take this, it's a class timetable." She said as Windie walked off "hey. Newbie, follow me!" He said slyly "H-hey! My name is Gene!" Gene said ofended. Once they walked round the school Windie walked off towards a pretty Sylveon. Gene entered the class Windie had showed him nervously. "Hello! You must be our new student, gene. Please take a seat next to ember. Oh by the way, my name is mr.zam, your Pysics teacher." Mr.Zam said. Gene sat down next to 'ember' and blushed, he had never seen such a pretty Pokemon. Then again, he had never seen the kind of Pokemon ember was. "E-ember? I was wondering, what Pokemon you were?" He said quietly
"I'm a Vulpix, and your a Solosis!" Ember said shyly as she blushed discretely, she was chrushing like crazy....

One boring physics lesson later and they left the room. Ember dropped a book accidentally and she fell over it, gene floated under her and pushed her back up "Talk about cliché." Gene said, they were bith blushing like beetroots...