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Pokerapbattles #1: Kyogre vs Groudon

by FairyKirlia

FairyKirlia So this "Pokerapbattle" thing will be basically rap battles between two Pokemon. Hope you like it.
Kyogre: Rap battle, anyone? Sign me up, oh I must win! I'll Origin Pulse you down-- wait, skip the introduction! Take one step back punk otherwise you'll be done with! Came to drop Scalds, your Lava Plume won't function!
Groudon: You wanna rap battle? I can take that with no harm. I'd rather fist-fight, but you don't got no arms. You're a FREAK, you look like a corrupt Wailord. Can you use Yawn? Cuz man I'm bored.
Kyogre: No way man! I've got Sea Incence by my side. You've got no Soft Sand, better hide! It's a Drizzle that I'm packing, I came here to see what you're slacking, now may I show you what's in this Body Slam? You're screwed, like d***!
Groudon: Oh I've got some demands for you now buddy. Gimme 5, ha you can't, freaking dummy! You don't want this! You can't beat me! You're like Snorlax in his nap, you're dreaming! So shoo, move, get away before I get mad. We might be dead, but YOUR skills are baaaddd.