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Pokemon Yellow Thunder 1: So this is my starter

by Johnny Lock

Johnny Lock A brand new trainer in Kanto, and her name's Yellow. A girl who hopes to be like all the others that travel. But the starters are pretty much gone!
A new morning, the Pidgey's are, I don't know, the Rattata's are, just kinda yelling. But this is the morning of a girl named Yellow, who has just turned 10, and is off on her Pokemon adventure. "Where is it?!" she screams. Her mom steps in the room, "Where's what?" she asks, she tells her mom, "My hat! Where's my hat?!" She looks down and sees a hat. She calms down quickly and says, "Oh, there it is." She puts her hat on, then walks downstairs, and grabbed her backpack and told her mom before she left, "Bye mom, have a good day and stuff, and I'll be sure to visit sometime!" She slammed the door and she was off, and in a rush, too. She thinks to herself, "I hope Oak saved that Pokemon I wanted." She made it to the lab, opens the door and sees the scientists' working. Oak walks to her and says, Yellow! Glad you can make it, and in time, too." "Really," Yellow says, "How?" Oak tells her, "All the Pokemon are gone." Yellow, instead of freaking out, says, "It's all right as long as you saved the Pokemon I wanted." "Yes, the little guys all right." Oak and Yellow walk over to Oak's desk. He opens a part in his desk and a pokeball comes out, he throws it up in the air and says, "Here's your" Pokemon comes out of the pokeball, "Pikachu." Pikachu just says, "Pika" Yellow tells Oak, "OMG! it's just as cute as I remember it!" Yellow picks up Pikachu and pretty much crushes it. But Oak tries to warn her, "Now be careful, it is an-" before he could finish Pikachu shocks Yellow. Oak continues, "electric type." Yellow tells Oak, "Got it. (Lets go of Pikachu) Well buddy, time to go back in your pokeball." She throws it at Pikachu, but he runs before he could get him. He runs out the building and Yellow freaks out. She screams, "Noooo! I've been waiting for that Pokemon when I was 5! I need to get it back now!" She runs off to get Pikachu. Oak takes a moment and says, "Maybe I should have told her he doesn't like getting in a pokeball, oh well... Wonder how Tim and Lin are doing." A battle is seen of Charmander vs Pidgey. Yellow is seen again running for Pikachu. To be continued...