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Pokemon XY Wedlocke: Episode 8?: XD Rocking things out with grant

by TrashAI

TrashAI Finally taking on grant tho
I decided to train up my Pokémon to take on Grant, so I now have Quilladin, Fletchinder, Rocket Raichu, Seadra, and Charmeleon. I jumped the cliff and walked into the grass, and found an absol, and I cought it. And it HATED me. It didn’t listen whatsoever, so I wonder traded it to a man in a top hat, and got a shroomish with an adamant nature, holding a toxic orb with the ability poison heal. That was my DREAM ability Pokémon. So far it was just a spore pound set. UGHHH! I trained that into a breloom with power up punch, Mach punch, leech seed, and sludge bomb, and let it keep its toxic orb. So I went into the gym, and climbed and beat all of those trainers, and finally went against grant. He sent out an aurorus. I admit it, I was 10 times more afraid of this battle than before. I lead with my l chameleon. I had the 2 fossils poking out of my bag, and my charmeleon quivered at the huge size. It was just level 19, but the aurorus was level 39! (WHY CHALLENGE MODE! WHYYYYYY) I knew I couldn’t do it, and I can’t have one of my first Pokémon die, so I asked for a sunny day. Grant chuckled and used rock slide, and I asked charmeleon to jump each rock and use the momentum to use flame charge. Critical hit, speed raise. Yellow damage?? Grant asked for a smack down, and the rock came straight at the poor thing. I yelled for charmeleon to do anything to not die, and that was when it happened. He caught the rock in its jaw, and hurled it back at the aurorus. Super effective damage, and it fainted! On my Vs. Recorder, the level went up to 19. I switched to breloom to take on the tyrantrum, and note to self. They both have bad tempers. The poison caused breloom to get super angry, and tyrantrum got angry because. Well. Its tyrantrum ok? A hard head crash hit breloom, but as quick as a flash, the breloom power up punched the tyrantrum’s head, and both got blown back. Breloom’s hands got bigger, it was an effect of the power up punch’s attack raise, but not by much. The tyrantrum used Outrage. Oh no. Breloom got knocked into the air and fell off the stage. The Vs. Recorder recorded his health dropping constantly, and down to zero. I thought.. It went up to 10 due to poison heal. And he was even angrier. He used power up punch to interfere the second one, and let out all of its power, and the tyrantrum let out a massive head charge, and both jumped at each other and landed on the floor. Breloom got up slowly, but the tyrantrum was already up. A second head charge hit a weak breloom, who hung on with 20 hit points from the poison heal and fell off. But held on to a rock with its claw! The tyrantrum was very far from breloom, but breloom extended his arm and got back on, and used a series of Mach punches. It looked like Luffy’s punch attacks from One Piece. The tyrantrum fell of the stage, and that was when the team flare members appeared. “Now that the threat is gone, we demand those fossils.” One of the grunts said. He was male and sent out a houndoom. I guessed it was the pooch I defeated before in the cave, but charmeleon was too weak to fight, so this was Breloom’s time to shine. It charged with fire fang, but those power up punches helped. It’s arm extended into a huge explosive Mach punch, that sent the houndoom into it’s trainer. It got up slowly, and all they did was charge back and forth constantly, fire punch to power up punch, until… “That’s it! I’ve had it! Houndoom, Mega Evolve!!” The Houndoom turned into some kind of motorcycle wolf. It looked furious. And it had Solar Power. Oh gosh. They charged at each other, and breloom got knocked back. Mega evolution made it very strong. Too strong almost. It charged at me until, and absol with wings came to the rescue! It used Night slash to knock mega houndoom of the platform, and a man with a top hat appeared. “I thought you might’ve wanted your absol back. In case of emergency. He handed me the poke ball, and absol was transferred to my PC box. He walked out of the gym without a care, and that was the last time I saw him. I still remember his name though. Alan. I got my rock badge, and walked outside. “I still don’t know what mega evolution is though…” I said. “Maybe you should go to the Shalour city gym. I heard the gym leader has a Pokémon that can mega evolve, too. You might want to check it out.” A man said behind me. “And you are?” I said. I looked behind me. “I am the evolution guru, grandfather of the Shalour city gym leader, Korrina.”