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Pokemon XY: The Adventures of Jake Beckett- A New Trainer

by PokemonMaster2000

PokemonMaster2000 A new trainer named Jake Beckett begins his Pokemon journey in the Kalos region and his dream is to become Kalos Champion! Join Jake on his journey to become the Kalos Champion!
Chapter 1: Froakie, I Choose You!
In the Kalos region, there was a young boy named Jake Beckett who dreamed of having his own Pokemon of his own and being the Champion of Kalos! He was currently at Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City. "Chespin is the Grass-type starter of Kalos, upon it's final evolution it gains the Fighting type. Fennekin is the Fire-type starter of Kalos, and it is useful against the first Gym which is Bug-type. Finally, Froakie is the Water-type starter of Kalos, and it's final evolution is Greninja, a very fast and powerful Pokemon." explained Professor Sycamore. "Hmm, Chespin is good, Fennekin is useful, but Froakie is very fast." thought Jake. "I will go with... Froakie!" said Jake out loud. "Good choice, and here is your Pokedex and Poke Balls." said Professor Sycamore. "I suggest to head to Santalune City where you can earn your first Gym badge." said Professor Sycamore. "Ok, I'll head out to Route 4 where I can get to Santalune City." said Jake. "Have a nice journey." waved Professor Sycamore, and Jake left the lab. Meanwhile, another boy named Fred was getting his starter Pokemon to begin his journey. He was Jake's rival. It took a while but Jake found the gate to Route 4. "Ah! My journey begins right now!' said Jake. Fred was looking at Chespin and Fennekin and chose Chespin. Jake sent out Froakie out of his Poke Ball, and Jake saw a Ralts. "What's that Pokemon?" asked Jake, and scanned it with the Pokedex. "Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon. It is highly attuned to the feelings of people and Pokemon." said the Pokedex. "Go, Poke Ball!" shouted Jake, but Ralts ran away quickly. "Dang it! Hey, a Fletchling!" said Jake, and spotted a Fletchling looking at Jake. "Go! Froakie!" said Jake. "Froakie!" said Froakie, eager for battle. "Use Bubble!" said Jake. "Froakie!" shouted Froakie, and he hit Fletchling with bubbles. Then Fletchling dodged the bubbles, but one of his wings got hit with a bubble, that messed up his wing span. So, Fletchling attacked with Quick Attack, and hit Froakie. But Froakie dodged and took out Fletchling with another Bubble. "Go, Poke Ball!" said Jake, and threw a Poke Ball at Fletchling and captured it. "I caught a Fletchling!" said Jake. With that, Jake and Froakie continue towards Santalune City, to earn his first Gym badge.