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Pokemon XY Origins S1 Ep.2: The Roars of Santalune Forest

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss Defeating Azure Edge, I head off to Santalune Forest to Catch some Pokemon. (Some Dramatic Scenes in this Story)
I started to Train Otto because He needed to be Stronger and He leveled up to Lvl. 7 at least. Otto learned Leaf Blade and Razor Leaf. Then, We stopped training and Otto went back into his Pokeball. Then, We went into Santalune Forest. When we arrived, I hearded a Familiar Voice. My Lucario sensed it and told me it Was Shauna! "Adrian, Can I walk with you? I feel scared! "Ain't Nobody got Time for that!" "I can Heal Lucario and Otto in case they get hurt...." "Fine!" So, There I was, With Shauna. Then, Another Familiar Voice I heard. It was Ash Ketchum! "Hey, Adrian! I won My 1st Gym Badge in Kalos!! I'll Show you the Way to Santalune City! Well, I'll Let you catch Pokemon first! A Wild Pokemon appeared! It was A Fletchinder! WHAT THE........ I threw a Pokeball at it and I caught it. "Alright, Adrian, Let's Go! TO BE CONTINUED
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