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Pokemon XY Origins S1 Ep.1: A New Adventure

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss A Trainer named Adrian moved to the Kalos Region in Vaniville Town and can Now Be a Pokemon Master!
I was sleeping and had the Best Dream that I was gonna become a Pokemon Master! so I kept dreaming. Then, My Mom's Fletchling pecked me and I woke up. I was Mad at Fletching, but I went with it. I looked in the Mirror and Changed outta my Pajamas and got ready for the day. When I came downstairs, My Mom talked to me. "Adrian, Go outside and say Hello to the New Neighbors". I went outside and met 2 Girls. "Hello, and Welcome to Vaniville Town! I'm AzureEdge, and This is Shauna. Guess what! We're gonna get a POKEMON! "Cool, AzureEdge, I'll Go with it!" "Okay, Meet us in The Meeting Place!". I was so confused. I went into Route 1 and Then, AzureEdge just called me. "Adrian! Over Here!' I went over there and sat in a Chair. "Everyone, This is Adrian. He's Already a Pokemon Trainer! He has A Lucario!" There were 2 Boys. Tierno and Trevor. "I'm Tierno! I know some serious dance moves! "I'm Trevor. I'm Kinda Shy, but I never miss a Single Question in School! Then, came a Girl who was wearing a Hat and a Dress named Serena. They all chose their Pokemon. Serena chose Fennekin. Azure had a Pokemon. Skip that. Shauna chose Froakie. There was 1 more Pokemon left for me. And It was Chespin! I nicknamed him Otto and went on with it. When I walked away, Azure came u[! "You remember me! In the Sinnoh Region! I WANT A REMATCH!!" "Okay....... A REMATCH IT IS!!!!!" Lucario vs Mightyhyena! "Lucario, Use Aura Sphere, then, Use Power up Punch!!! 2 Super Effective Moves and defeated Azure's Mightyhyena. "MAN!! AGAIN!!?" Haha! As the Journey continues.
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  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    Oh Nvm
    Oct 16, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    Azure, Ummmm....... Serena chose Fennekin
    Oct 16, 2014
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  3. AzureEdge
    Guess that didn't happen.
    It's good, even if I choose Fennekin.
    Oct 12, 2014
  4. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    I'm not letting Azure (Elemental Academy Version) see this. She would freak.>_<
    Oct 12, 2014
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  5. SkullCharizard
    Oct 10, 2014