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Pokemon X & Y origins. Wedlocke version

by TrashAI

I just moved to this small Vaniville town in the kalos region. There's nothing to do, other than unpack, and yell at this fletchling poking me. I went outside, and saw 2 girls at my door. Serena, I think her name was, and Shauna???? We went outside the gates and a chubby dance boy named tierno let me choose my pokemon. The fennekin was really cool, But serena snatched it without a care. So I went with chespin, the spiny nut pokemon. It was so adorable with its chubby cheeks ^3^:love:. Serena challenged me to a battle, and I quickly found out, this was no regular pokemon adventure. This. Is. Pokémon Origins, X & Y, WEDLOCKE VERSION. (Find out what happens next in about 2 seconds =/)