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Pokemon X and Y Chronicles: Pokemon X & Y Chronicles: Chapter 1 (The Mysterious Start)

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer Protagonist(s):Froakie & Chespin
Rivals: (Unknown)
Antagonist(s): (Scribbled Out)
Setting:Vaniville Town
The peaceful Vaniville Town on the Southern edge of the Kalos Region, had a delightful Sweet scent in the air.Meanwhile in a house on the west side of town had two Pokemon in it.Froakie and Chespin, they were both two great friends.

Their house was lightly furnished with a sofa and a couch.They had to bedrooms, Froakie's room was a dark blue color with a small bed, a small table and Elite Four figures on that table.Chespin's room was a red-ish green color with a small bed, a small table and a picture of Nurse Audino(who he loves and wants to date XD)on that table.

Froakie went outside to take a breath of fresh air...but he noticed something.Nobody was outside their houses, it was freakishly quiet.Next, he noticed something in a bush to the west of his house.It was a towering figure with red eyes staring right at him.

Froakie tried to form a Water Pulse to attack the figure with,but the figure unleashed a blinding Flash.Then the figure disappeared by having flames coiling around it and blasting off into the dawn of night.Part of the Flames broke broke off the fleeing figure and turned into an odd fire symbol.

Chespin came out of the house and said, "Let's go to Aquacorde Town to get our Holo Casters".Froakie nodded his head and the two walked through the Vaniville gate...


"Did you see the target?"Asked a horrifying voice."Yes...But he saw me though"said a weaker and less terrifying voice.

"WHAT!!!I WILL NOT EXCEPT THIS FOOLERY!"The voice echoed through exsisting area around them.

To Be Continued...
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