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Pokemon X and Y Chronicles: Pokemon X & Y: Chapter 2 (The Professor and the Bowtie Alola Pokemon)

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer Protagonist(s): Froakie, Chespin and Pancham
Rivals: Unknown
Antagonist(s): (Scribbled Out)
Setting: Vaniville Nature trail and Aquacorde Town

???: Bisharp, Rowlet, Fennekin, and Mysterious Figure
Froakie and Chespin went through the gates of Vaniville Town and onto a nature trail that in the distance was yet another gate with buildings behind it. Froakie and Chespin still could smell the fresh Sweet scent and admired the beautiful sights in front of them. The two of them saw Fletching, Fletchinder, and Talonflame flying above them with elegance. Nothing could stop them from flying so peacefully.

Froakie quickly noticed something in the bush next to him...It was a bird wearing some kind of green Bowtie. When it noticed Froakie could see it, the wild bird vanished. Froakie had a curious look on his face and Chespin asked, “What is it?Did you see Anything?” Froakie answered with “No” and they kept walking.

The two of them finally made it to the gates to Aquacorde Town. “Alright Froakie let’s go meet the professor”. When they arrived they saw a Pancham with scientific glasses on, talking to a Fenniken and giving her a Holo Caster. “Hey that must be him Froakie”. Froakie replied with “Yeah”.

“Thank you very much professor, now my dream of becoming Kalos Queen can come true”.Said Fenniken as she walked towards the Bughsy Forest. “Yes your so very welcome”.Replied the Professor.

“Hey are you the Kalos Professor?”Asked Chespin. “Yes i am now let me introduce myself....I am Professor Pancham...The Mega-Evolution Expert!” “We are the Pokemon you wanted to see, Froakie and Chespin.” Chespin told the professor.

“Ah yes here wear these”...Froakie and Chespin Obtained the Holo Casters!!! “Hey professor?”Froakie asked. “Yes?”The professor replied. “Have you ever seen a Pokemon with a Bowtie and looked like a flying type?” “Yes I have, here the Holo Caster also has a Pokedex,...hmm...Ah yes this”.The professor said.

The Pokedex read “ Rowlet: The Grass-Quill Pokemon, Rowlet can attack without making a sound! It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks.

“So i saw a Rowlet?”Froakie asked. “Yes you did.That’s a rare Pokemon to encounter in the Kalos Region, They usually live in the Alola Region.”The professor stated. “Hey Froakie why didn't you tell me?”Chespin asked. “I don’t really know...I thought I was having hallucinations”.

“Well you two should go head out on an adventure...you should go challenge some Gyms and possibly go to the Pokemon League. The first gym is in Bughsy City. Here are the Gym Badge Cases.”Froakie and Chespin Obtained Gym Badge Cases! “Thank you very much!”Froakie and Chespin said. “Come visit my lab in Lumious.”

“Ok We will...BYE!”The two of them said while running towards Bughsy Forest...


“Bisharp have you spotted Z2 In Terminus Cave yet?”Said the same weaker and less terrifying voice as before.

“Not yet...should we possibly search in the Alola Region?”said Bisharp. “No...Kalos is the main sighting spot for both

To Be Continued. . .
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