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Pokemon X and Y: The True Legend

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Calem....Serena.....Tierno....Shauna.....Trevor.....
These 5 have been friends since they were babies, and now that they've reached the proper age to start their Pokemon journey.
What will happen on this adventure? Will they travel together or separate? Find out in the true legend.
"I hate you guys..." A 16 year old boy grumbled, with a larger and wider boy also looking around 16 years of age carried him in a bridal position while a smaller boy who looked about 12, but was acutally 14 as well. The first boy wore navy blue jeans, black and blue sneaks, a blue blazer with a white collar and zip and a red hat with sun glasses on them, which covered his messy brown hair. The taller boy wore orange shorts, black shoes and a gigantic black t-shirt to fit his body with a blue and orange Vanillite symbol. He had a black bowl cut with two spikes of hair on the top sticking out on the top. The smallest boy wore a green vest with white sleeves, black jeans, green and white shoes, a forest colored backpack and an orange afro like hairdo.
"We were supposed to meet up at 12:00. It's 1:00. So me and Tierno had no choice but to come and get you!" The tiny teen explained, as they walked from a large brown and red house's driveway into a small town's sideways. They were walking towards the gates towards the end of the town, which lead to a small trail of trees. The boy being carried grumbled and smacked his friend's head.
"NOT THAT! I MEAN CARRYING ME, TREVOR!" The boy shouted, resulting in the other covering his ears. The largest teen, referred to as "Tierno", sighed and spun the boy in his hands around extremely fast, being very strong. This made the carried boy very dizzy, and he shut up instantly. The three friends eventually passed the gates and were now very close to the next town, which was filled with tall brown buildings and a cafe at the top right. Once getting closer, they saw two girls sitting at one of the cafe's tables.
One of the girls wore a black sweat shirt with a red skirt and black leggings with red shoes and long, silky blonde hair. She was 16 years of age, while the other looked younger, having brown pigtails and bright green eyes. She had tanned skin and a pink t-shirt with several black bows printed down from the chest to the belly of the shirt. She had blue mini jeans with black and pink sneaks.
"Hey, Serena, Shauna!" The blue clothed teen called out, catching the blonde haired girl's attention.
"Hey Calem!" Serena responded, and walked forward to the trio, with Shauna following behind, running past Serena and standing in front of the three. She made a pouty face at the boy being carried, called Calem..
"You're a big fat liar! When we were kids you were the genius with the idea to all meet our first Pokemon at the exact same time! But NOOOO, you had to sleep in!" Shauna began yelling at Calem left and right, who was sweating slightly. He hated being the victim of Shauna's rage storms.
"Shauna, please lay off him...." Tierno sighed, letting his friend to stand on the ground and trying to calm Shauna down.
"Fine. You're very lucky Serena convinced us to wait to meet the Pokemon." Shauna mumbled, and Serena smiled at Calem, who blushed a bit in response.
"Thanks, Serena... So uh, let's get to it! Where are the Pokemon?" Calem asked, then spotted the five Pokeballs on the cafe table.
"There. 5 Pokemon, which are...," Trevor walked over to the table and named off the Pokemon, "Chespin, the Grass Pokemon, Froakie, the Water Pokemon, Fennekin, the Fire Pokemon, Flabebe, the Fairy Pokemon and Pichu, the Electric Pokemon."
"Dibs on Froakie/Chespin!" Calem and Tierno exclaimed, and rushed over to the table, with the blue attired boy picking up Chespin's Pokeball and Tierno picking up Froakie's.
"Well that leaves us quite limited....But, I've already decided on Pichu. It's a very fast and special attack based Pokemon, along with having a very powerful type." Trevor explained, picking up the electric rodent's Pokeball.
"I already chose Fennekin a long time ago." Serena replied, clutching the fire fox's Pokeball and looking at it happily.
"Yes! That means I get Flabebe!" Shauna cheered, grabbing the new typed Pokemon's ball and nuzzling it.
"Well...now what?" Calem asked his friends, who shrugged.
"What a great start to our journey. Stupidity." Trevor said, deadpan. His friends looked at him angrily, making him sweatdrop.
Sorry for it being short! But the next chapter should be out soon!
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