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Pokemon X and Y Chronicles: Pokemon X and Y Chronicles Trailer

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer A world where humans went extinct and only Pokemon thrived...the Great War with the Ultimate Weapon happened over 6,000 years ago...
In the edited ruins of the Anistar City Gym, Frogadier and the Anistar Gym Leader (Female) Meowstic were having an explosive battle.Frogadier's friends Quiladin, Braixen, and Fletchling were watching the intense battle.Frogadier got paralyzed from Meowstic's Thunder Wave, and couldn't move.

Meowstic went for Psyshock and Frogadier tried to block it with a Water Pulse.Frogadier couldn't match up with Meowstic's power.

Meowstic saw something behind Frogadier with her Psycic powers.Where trainers are suppose to stand was a figure.It was a boy with a red hat and a Pikachu!The two were both made out of water.Then she saw a strange figure next to Frogadier, it looked like a Greninja with a red and black mask.The masked Greninja helped Frogadier with the Water Pulse and sent it flying towards Meowstic.It literally blew up in Meowstic's face, and she fainted.

The mysterious figure next Frogadier disappeared and so did the boy and his Pikachu.Meowstic stepped into a healing machine and was fully healed, so did Frogadier.Meowstic gave Frogadier the Psycic badge and told him the next gym he should go is in Snowbelle City.

When the 4 left the Gym, she whispered "The green flame that will swallow Kalos is coming...".She imagined in her mind a huge Flare swallowing a Green Blob, then turning into a huge Monster with rainbow beams coming out of its chest.

To be continued....

Note from Author:This was my first mini story on PokeCharms and I'm sorry if it's really bad.

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