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Pokemon World Tournament Ch 4: Heated battles Sarah Vs Alex

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja This is a battle between Sarah @CelebiiFTW and Alex @KingMiles.
I'm not going to have every battle BTW, and Those people who are probaby annoyed at me always winning, what you expect? Kalos Champ!?
Ok, Let's get the chap started before fame gets to my head XD
After the battle with brock, Austin and Yang went to see their friend Sarah's match.
"Go for it Sarah"! yang cheered.
Austin was intrested to see what she would use, he already seen serperior and Scrafty, and they were both quite powerfull, but her opponent didn't look like no pushover
"hi! i'm Alex"!
The boy greeted.
Sarah greeted.
Announcer: Ok! We're all set for this 3 on 3 Pokemon Battle!
Th first to make all 3 Pokemon on the opponents side wins!
An area opened, and a forest Area side appeared on Sarah's while a watery area on Alex's,
The trainers each chose their Pokemon
"Ok Amigo! Show em' watch'ya got"!
Alex cried throwing his Pokeball.
The Pokemon ried out excitedly and started to dance.
"Alright Swanna Let's go"!
Sarah tossed her pokeball in the air
"since Amigo's a Grass type, Swanna hs the advantage!
And also being half water gives her and egde"
Sarah thought smiling.
Announcer: Begin!
Sarah: Ok sSwanna, Gust now"!
Swanna made a huge wind and forced the wind at Amigo
Alex: "Amigo! Side step out of it"!
Amigo danced it's way out of the attack.
Alex: Perfect Amigo!
Amigo smiled at his Trainer.
Alex: now use Zen Headbutt!
Ludiocolo jumped at Swanna
Sarah: Swanna ! Fly up!
Swanna obliged, and dodged the attackAlex: Hydro Pump!
Amigo turned around, and shot water at swanna,
Sarah: Bubblebeam!
Swanna countered the attack, creating a small smoke screen
Sarah: Now Brave Bird!
*In the crowd*
Yang: Hey, that's what you did when you fought Sarah>
Austin : *remembering how he used brav's Crush claw to stop her attack, then Brave bird*
Hey! Your right, she must have learned that trick after our battle :)
*Back to battle*
Amigo had been weakend from the Brave bird, they both had been ired from the battle as it wore on
Sarah: Let's finish it with Brave Bird!
Alex: Zen Headbutt!
The two Pokemon collided together, resulting in a double KO.
Announcer: And both Pokemon are unable to Battle!
Alex and Sarah returned their Pokemon.
Alex grabbed his next pokemon
Alex: Let's go! Blanka!
The Pokemon roared.
Sarah also picked a new Pokemon
"Let's go Sylveon!"
Austin and Yang looked at her Sylveon
Austin: It's a shiny? That's intresting :)
Alex: ok Blanka use Thunder Punch!
Electabuzz lunged at Sylveon and attempted a Thunder Punch, but the shiny Pokemon moved out of the way.
Sarah: moon Blast!
Sylveon shot a huge pink ball at Blanka, knocking it back.
Alex: Thunder!
The bolts striked Sylveon, Paralyzing it.
Sarah: you ok Sylv, can you still fight?
Sylveon nodded slowly
Alex: I got this match in the bag! Blanka, finish it wwith a Thunder Punch!
Electabuzz charged at sylveon agian, ready to strike.
Sarah: Protect!
Sylveon created a huge feld, blocking the attack and having i hit electabuzz, knocking it out.
Announcer: Blanka is unable to battle!
Alex returned Blanka back to it's pokeball
Alex: I gotta admit, your not that bad, but now you get to face my main partner! Go Escargo!
Announcer: And Alex sends out a macargo, an intresting choce, having the field as it is, a half water and grass Filed.
Austin looked curious.
Austin; What's he planning?
Sarah: ok Sylveon Moonblast!
Sylveon shot a nother blast
Macargo, flamethrower in the water!
Macargo shot flames, craeting black smoke.
Sarah: of course!
He can create smokescreens int he lake, and reate fires in the forest!
Alex: Bingo! Escargo, Earth Power!
Macargo crashed on the earth sending it at Sylveon, making it faint.
Sarha returned Syllveon back.
Sarah grabbed her next Pokeball
Sara: Ok Zwash! It's up to you"!
The final round was about to begin, Zoroark vs Macargo.
Sarah: Don't let it attack! Use Dark Pulse!
Zwash shot a huge black beam at Escargo.
Escargo countered theattacked with a torrent of flames, the two collided, resulting in a explosion.
Macargo looked for Zash, but then saw something impossible
Alex: What!?
On the other side, stood sarah, and another Macargo
Austin: What happened?
Yang: Zoroark's ability
Illusion, it allows it, to transform into an opponents Pokemon, but it only lasts until the user gets hit.
Sarah: Zwash! Flamethrower!
Zwash sent a flamethrower back at Macargo
Sarah:Now Earth Power!
Zwash sent a huge rock tha smacked into Escargo, knocking it out.
Announcer: Macargo is unable to battle, the winner of the match is Sarh and Zwash!
Zwash turned back, and Sarah hugged her.
Sarah: We won!
Alx shook Sarah's hand
Alex: good game! We should battle again someime :)
Sarah: i think we will :)
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  1. NerdyNinja
    May 10, 2016
  2. Popplio
    Im so proud of you Zwash ♥ anyway! Im really hyped for the next one!
    May 10, 2016