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Pokemon World Tournament Ch 2: Fresh start, New Battes

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Well, here it is :)
PWT cha ter two enjoy!
Also special thanks to @CelebiFTW
-Love Always SY10
The heroes finally landed in New Mauville, for The Pokemon World Tournament, Zapdos was tired from all of the flying, Austin and Yang got off and Austin decided to return it back to his Pokeball

"Good job Zapdos, You dserve a good rest".

They look around and see thousands of Pokemon Trainers[​IMG]
"There sure are alot of Trainers here"
Yang said
"You sure you're really up for this Austin"
Yang asked

"You Bet"!
Austin said excited
"I never turn down a challenge"!
Yag just sighed
"He'll never learn"...
They enter the huge building and registrate themselves, The Nurse Joy there, looked at their trainer cards
"Great! You have all 8 Kalos badges"
She said happily
"Entry confirmed
Austin and Yang High-Fived each other.
They decided the first thing to do, was go see the compitition. There was one person with an Raichu, another girl ith a Talonflame. That's when a girl raced up to them

"Hey! You're the Kalos Champion right" She asked

"Yeah, My name's Austin!" Austin greeted
"This is my girlfriend Yang," Austin then throws a Pokeball and sends out Greninja
"And my Partner Greninja"!
The girl greeted
"My name's Sarah"
She throws a Pokeball and a huge snake Pokemon comes out
"And my partner Serperior"!

"Woah!" Austin said surprised by the huge Pokemon
"Let's see"...
He takes out his Pokedex and a picture of Serperior appears.

"Serperior!" The pokedex said
"It only gives its all fighting against strong opponents who are not fazed by the glare from Serperior's noble eyes".
"First time I've seen one"
Austin said
Sarah kinda laughs.
"Because their native to Unova, they're not in Kalos"
Serperior glares at Greninja, but Greninja is not really fazed in the least.

"Well, I guess we'll see you in the tournament"
Yang said
"hey wait"!
Sarah said.
"Before you leave, can I just have a small battle with the champion"?
Austin's eyes widened with oy
"Of course! I'm always up for a challenge"
Plus, he could use some training"
Yang sarcasted.
"Hey! Austin grunted in frustration.
"What's that suppose to mean"!?
After a bit of arguing, they stopped and Met Sarah on a small battlefield.

"Does a Two on two sound okay"?
Sarah asked

Austin said
"Don't expect me to go easy"!
Yang was being the ref for the Battle
Yang shouted
(Epic Pokemon battle music)

Sarah called out Serperior, while Austin called Greninja
"Dragon Tail"!
Sarah called
Serperior was about to strike, When...
"Use Double Team"!
Austin shouted.
Greninja created various clones, confusing Serperior
"Use Glare"! Sarah yelled.
The attack wiped away the copies
"Water Shuriken"! Austin cried out
The shurikens hit Serperior on impact
"Now Cut"!
Greninja raced at Serperior and started to attack
"Quick! Use Wrap"!
Serperior then trapped Greninja with it's long thin body
"Mega Drain"!
Serperior started to asorb Greninja's health.
"Get outta there with Aerial Ace"!
Austin yelled.
Greninja jumped up and slammed Serperior with the attack, knocking it out.
"Wow" Sarah said
"Return Serperior"!
and she called it back.
"Next up, is Scrafty"!
She threw another Pokeball
"Scraft"! It cried out.
"Use Focus Blast"!
Scrafty created a huge energyball, and hurled it at Greninja, Greninja had already tooken alot of damage so it fainted.
"You did good Greninja"
Austin said calling it back.
"Don't think this is over yet"!
Austin said.
He threw another Pokeball.
"Let's go! Braviary"!
"Focus Blast"!
Scrafty launched another attack
"Crush Claw"!
Braviary grabbed the attack in mid-air, and crushed it.
"Brave Bird"!
Braviary glowed blue, and tackled Scrafty knocking it ut.
"Scrafty is unable to battle, The winner is Austin and Braviary"!
  1. NerdyNinja
    Thnx @CelebiFTW!!! I will, I'll try to remember that,
    but... I may accidently give it to another Pokemon:p
    (Insert Facepalm)
    Yeah, I will have 6 on 6 battles, but that won't be for a while.
    Shiny Sylveon's are epc to, but their eyes scare me:'|
    Apr 30, 2016
  2. Popplio
    That was an amazing battle! You did an awesome job! Oh yeah, if you still are going to use Sarah here, i don't know, her full team is Serperior, Scrafty, Swanna, Zoroark (Named Zwash, remember that :p), Bisharp, and a pretty shiny Sylveon from the Kalos region. Keep this up!
    Apr 30, 2016