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Pokemon World Tour: Pokemon World Tour - Prologue

by ShadowQuaza

ShadowQuaza After 5 "heroes" win a prize to visit the majors regions of the Pokemon world, they join together as they go explore the parts of the areas, catching new Pokemon, defeating gyms and having fun.
Welcome to the world of Pokemon, where creatures of all sizes can fit into objects for training, battling and-

David: Isn't this a bit redundant? I mean, we're the main characters.

But I want to make it more epic-

Lucky: Does it look like we care?

But I do...

Noel: And that's fine, but can't we start?

But... But...

Bryan: Come on. Just start the story already.

Fine, welcome to the Pokemon World Tour!

Connor: Don't I get any say in this?

Everyone else: No.


Prologue: Our story takes place in a courtroom where on both sides, we have a man in a blue suit versus a man in a reddish suit, while a man in the middle and above them with a black robe and a white beard.

Connor: OBJECTION! That completely contradicts the testimony!

David: I highly doubt that, you don't have any evidence!

Connor: Oh yeah? TAKE THAT!

David: What? Is that...

Connor: Yeah, it's the murder weapon, but may I ask why is the witness reacting so badly to it?

Witness: N-no... That's.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Judge: Sir! Calm yourself! There’s no need to react so vehomethly.

Connor: Oh there is. You see this weapon was checked for prints, and they were a perfect match with our witness here!

David: W-W-W-WHAT?!!!!

Witness: A-Alright! I did it okay!? Just get me outta here, the stress is killing me!

Judge: Then I guess with that, the defendant is officially… NOT GUILTY!

David: I loooooooooost!!!! Damn you, McNamara! *takes a sip from his cup* Bleh! What's
this crap?!

Connor: That's the taste of defeat, for you!

*Outside the courthouse, Connor is surrounded by a bunch of busty redheads... “Hugging” him.*

Connor: Whoa there, ladies! No need to be so hasty...

Redheads: BUT WE LOVE YOU!!!

Connor: I know ladies, now let's go home.


And then suddenly, he sees the judge, the size of buildings and looking menacing, looking down upon him.

Judge: Connor McNamara, you must wake up... NOW!

And with the slamming of his Gavel, Connor wakes up in his room.

Coumarine City (Coastal Area)

Kalos Region

Time: ???

It was the dead of night, the pokemart was the only building with its lights still on. We see
a shadowy figure fly through the air. Before it suddenly flew into the pokemart and into its only inhabitant, the clerk. He fell to the ground, his pupils disappearing from his eyes, and his mouth stuck open, unable to scream. And onto the ground, we see a bottle, a post it note with the name “Hardus” on the side.

Coumarine City (Coastal Area)
Kalos Region

Time: 9:30 AM

Connor: *yawn* (Well, I guess it's time for another day of looking for clients.)


Connor: Oh! A call! Finally!

Cell Phone: It's a bit broken down, but it works just fine.

Connor: Hello? McNamara Law Offices here!

???: You're the lawyer with the least client cases right? The one who does a "tourabout" or whatever it's called?

Connor: What's that supposed to mean?!

???: Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. Please come to the detention center. I need... your help.


Connor: (Wow... What a dick! But I have to help him. To the detention center!)

Coumarine Detention Center
Time: 10:00 AM.

Connor: Hello? I'm here for a Mr. Hard-

???: Don't even finish that statement, if you don't know how to say my name.

On the other side of the glass was an old man in his 50’s. His hair was grey, as well as the thick beard around his chin. Though his hair gave away his age, his body looked muscled and well defined. He definitely worked out. He wore a brown shirt, a overcoat over it. And black dress pants. He also looked to be annoyed.

Connor: (Well jeez, don't have to be all offensive about it.)

Hardus: The names Bob Hardus. They said that I put someone unconscious!

Connor: Ok. Can I ask you some questions, Mr. Hardus?

Hardus: Sure.

(What do I ask him?)

*Click* (Who could have done this?) (What were you doing at the night of the crime?)

(Why do they think it's you?)

Connor: Do you know who else could have done it?

Hardus: No clue.

Connor: (Well... That was pointless.)

*click* (What were you doing at the night of the crime?)

Connor: What were you doing at the night of the crime?

Hardus: I was at the doctor's office. Then later, I went home to see my daughter.

Connor: (That at least give me two witnesses to talk to.)

*adds unknown Doctor and Daughter to the court record*

*click* (Why do they think it's you?)

Connor: Why do they think it was you?

Hardus: They found a bottle with a note attached, and it had my name.

Connor: (If this guy's telling the truth, it looks like someone set him up... But who?)



Hardus: WHY DON'T YOU GO!?

Coumarine Detention Center
Waiting Room

Connor: Who screamed!? What happened?!

In front of Connor, was a VERY beautiful young woman in a yellow sundress. She had
ong red hair in twin tails, and her figure was...appealing to say the least. But the important thing to note was the fact she was the source of the scream. And she was on her knees, looking distressed.

Connor: Are you alright, miss?

???: Yes... I'm fine. I just saw a shadow passed by me, it had a cold feeling about it.

Connor: Looks like it's gone, anyway... What's a pretty lady like yourself in a place like this?

???: Hehe... I'm here to see my father. You're his defense attorney, right?

Connor: Does that mean you're Bob Hardus's daughter?

???: Yep. Rachel Hardus, at your service.

*Rachel Hardus updated in the Court Record*

Connor: Alright, Ms. Hardus. I have a question for you.

Rachel: What?

*click* (Do you know anyone who could blame your father for this crime?)

Connor: Do you know anyone who could blame your father for this crime?

Rachel: Well... That doctor he visits gave off a weird vibe, and he did look very suspicious.

Connor: Where can I find him?

Rachel: Here. Take this address.

*Map added to the court record*

Connor: Thank you. I'm on my way.

Rachel: No, thank you, Mr. McNamara, and one more thing, please find the one who framed my father!

Coumarine Health Clinic
Time: 11:00 PM.

You see Connor run up to the front of the building, out of breath.

Connor: (*panting* Times like these makes me wish I didn’t need to sell my bike...)

A young man came out the clinic, though he wore a doctor’s uniform. His face and heavily muscled body gave off a rough aura. He wore a ripped hat, it seeming blended in with his unkempt black hair. He then looked at Connor, the man seemingly shrinking under the gauge.

???: You, what’s wrong?

Connor: Huh? M-Me?

???: No, the other idiot hyperventilating outside the clinic. Yes, you.

Connor: (Geez what a jerk!) I just ran here from the detention center.

???: Can’t help you then, just work out more. Maybe you’ll actually get some muscle.

The man then took out a cigarette and lit it, taking a puff.

???: So why you here? No one comes here from the detention center with good news.

Connor: (That's right! I need to find Mr. Hardus’ “weird doctor” Rachel was talking about.)

*clicks* (Do you know a patient named Bob Hardus?)

Connor: Do you happen to know a patient named Bob Hardus?

???: He’s a patient of mine. What do you want to know?

Connor: Well… Actually, he was arrested this morning.

The young man simply took another puff of the cigarette, before dropping it onto the concrete, then stomping on it.

???: Come in.

The two then entered the clinic, going into the man’s office.

Connor: So... Who are you, Mr....?

???: My name is Dr. Greyhound.

*Dr. Greyhound updated in the court record*

Connor: (Now... let's see what he knows.)

*click* (Verification of Hardus’ testimony)

Connor: Can you verify that Mr. Hardus was with you on the night in question?

Dr. Greyhound: Yes. I called him in for a discussion on his condition.

Connor: Ok.

Dr. Greyhound: Do you have any more questions?

Connor: (Crap! What else can I ask him?!) Um...

*click* (What kind of condition does Mr. Hardus have?)

Connor: What kind of

Dr. Greyhound: Sorry, that's classified. Only Bob, Rachel and myself know about it.

Connor: (Huh... So he knows about Rachel.)

*click* Rachel's Profile.

Dr. Greyhound: That's his daughter, Rachel Hardus. She's a sweet girl, surprising how she can be related to her father.

Connor: What does that mean?

Dr. Greyhound: Compared to her father, she’s one of the nicest person on the planet! But then again...

Connor: What?

Dr. Greyhound: She uses... AGH!

Connor: What?! Are you ok?!

Dr. Greyhound then fell to the floor as a shadow flew across the room. Connor, bringing out a pokeball, throws it to the floor.

Connor: Honedge! Shadow Sneak!

On cue, a Honedge comes out of the pokeball and unleashes his shadow after the
runaway shadow, hitting it and reverted to its regular form.

Haunter: Haun... The Haunter then held its hand high, as a mark from the Shadow Sneak attack.

Connor: (A Haunter? Could this be the Pokemon that attacked the pokemart?)

Before Connor could ponder the question, the Haunter quickly fled through a wall. Leaving the lawyer with the comatose Doctor.

Connor: (First, I need to call a... Oh wait. Anyway, I need to find a nurse, I hope the Doctor's ok...)

Coumarine Health Clinic
Medical Bed
12:00 PM

Dr. Greyhound: Huh? What...

Connor: You're ok. Something happened when we talked. But you never answered my question.

Dr. Greyhound: Yeah. Rachel used ghost types. When she was young, Bob said that she always wanted a ghastly. But knowing him, he hates ghost types.

Connor: Thank you. Take a rest, Doc.

(Now to deal with this ghost tomorrow... IN COURT!)

Coumarine Courthouse
Defense Lobby #1
Time: 9:45 AM

Connor: (Ok... Now is the worst time to get nervous. This isn't a dream. I have to get focused...)

Hardus: Wake up, boy! Haven't you heard me this entire time?!

Connor: AHH! Sorry, Mr. Hardus. I was just... Thinking.

Hardus: Well thinking ain't going to help us much, it's doing, and you better do your job

Connor: (I've only been a lawyer for about a year, but this guy wins worst defendant of the year.)

Bailiff: Mr. McNamara, the court awaits you.

Connor: (Already?! Ok... Here goes!)

Coumarine Courthouse
Courtroom #2
Time: 10:00 AM

*Description of the courtroom*

Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of Bob Hardus. Is the defense ready?

Connor: No... I mean, yes!

Judge: Good. Is the prosecution-

???: Yes. The prosecution is ready. Richard Crain, ready to humiliate the defense.

Connor: (Looks like someone's full of himself.)

Judge: Very well, let's begin. Mr. Crain, your opening statement.

Crain: Alright. The crime happened at the dead of night, as a lone pokemart employee was a attacked by a "mysterious shadowy" figure. When the police arrived, all we found was a bottle with a note saying the defendant's name on it and a pokeball with the defendant's fingerprints .

Judge: Very well. The court accepts this evidence.

*Bottle with note and pokeball added to the court record*

Crain: The prosecution calls its witness to the stand.

Connor: (Already? He seems to have this verdict in the bag.)


Crain: Witness, name and occupation.

Rachel: Rachel Hardus, daughter of Bob Hardus.

Connor: WHAAAAAAAT?! Why would you testify against your own father?!

Rachel: Because... I know the truth!

Crain: You see, Mr. McNamara, our witness saw the crime happen!

Connor: WHAT?! That... Can't...

Judge: Will the witness testify?

Rachel: Yes.

Witness's Testimony (What I saw)

Rachel: Well… I’d like to start with my reasoning for testifying against my father. I heard about the state of the man who was attacked… And I believe only my father’s Gengar could do it! Only a skilled Ghost pokemon like my father’s could do it!

Judge: Is that all?

Rachel: Yes.

Judge: Would the defense like to Cross-Examine.

Connor: Yes. (Alright... I have an idea that her testimony isn't air-tight.)


Rachel: Only a skilled Ghost pokemon like my father’s could do it!

Connor: HOLD IT! How do you know it was "skilled"?

Rachel: Well... I mean, it did attack someone while going through walls.

Crain: What's your point, McNamara?

Connor: My point is that anyone could have command a ghost type to go through walls, it's
what they do. But your father has something, he hates ghost types!

Rachel: What!? T-that's...

Crain: OBJECTION! How can we be sure that Mr. McNamara is telling the truth and no lies?

Connor: I got the info from his doctor that was with him at the time of the crime!

Crain: OBJECTION! They why not ask the doctor himself?

Connor: Because... He was attacked by a ghost pokemon himself.

Crain: W-What?!

Connor: When I asked him a question, he was attacked, probability because he had some information that someone didn't want anyone else to know.

Rachel: Maybe... But who could have done it?

Connor: Well... If it wasn't the defendant, and it wasn't the doctor...

Crain: OBJECTION! You can't be serious!?

Connor: I am. It was...

*highlights Rachel's Profile*

Judge: My word...

Crain: I see... You're pulling one of your famous "turnabouts". Well then, answer the question, how did the pokeball and bottle get into the pokemart?

Rachel: .....Right. How did those appear if I was home?

Connor: (Crap! I didn't think this through.)

Judge: Well, Mr. McNamara? How did it happen?

Connor: Alright... Say if the mess the shadow caused while hitting the clerk, had already happened?

Crain: That's Bullcrap! You can't prove that!

Connor: Oh yeah? The defense request that the bottle is examined for "poison contamination".

Judge: Mr. McNamara, I'm not sure where you're going with this. But I'll allow it. Bailiff, take the bottle through investigation.

-A few moments later-

Bailiff: Your Honor. The tests say that the bottle has no poison.

Connor: You see... If it was a Gengar or any of its line, it would have left a poison residue, but it didn't. Thus meaning that the crime scene was set up before the the actual crime.

Rachel: .........You forgot one thing.

Connor: ?

Rachel: What's my motive?

Connor: Motive... (Oh Damnit!)

Crain: Exactly. If she didn't have a motive, then she didn't do it.

Judge: If you can't find a motive, I'll have to end the cross examination.

Connor: Um... Well... (Is there anything I can look at?)

Judge: I'm sorry to say, but with that-

Connor: HOLD IT! Look at the bottle, nothing suspicious there. But the note on the other

Crain: What about it?

Connor: If you flip it around, it says "Bank Demand" and it has a strand of bright red hair. If
you know Mr. Hardus's reputation, he doesn't have any money. You got sick of your lifestyle and decided to take action. You sent your Haunter to attack the clerk, so you can take the money from the pokemart. But since your dad arrived before you could go, you couldn't do anything to leave. When you met me, you knew I was going to ask the doctor questions and you sent your Haunter to attack him, but before leaving, it got hit by my Honedge, leaving a scar on its hand. If my theory is correct, could you turn out your pockets.

Rachel: I-isn't this an invasion of privacy?!

Judge: We need to know the truth, please turn out your pockets.

As such, Rachael turned out her pockets, having a pokeball.

Connor: Please, show us the Pokemon inside.

And by request, she dropped the pokeball, releasing Haunter with a mark on its hand.

Connor: Bingo.

Judge: I can't believe this...

Crain: You're joking... This has to be a dream or something.

Rachel: You... You.... You... Alright, you got me.

As the crowd goes wild with the news, Crain losing it and the Judge calling for order,
Connor felt a bit sad, but good overall.

Judge: I can see this now, with no room for doubt, I find the defendant, Bob Hardus...


Coumarine Courthouse
Defense Lobby #1
Time: 1:00 PM


Connor: (Wow... It's sad to see her get chained up and taken away, it's weird that she did it with a smile on her face.)

Crain: ...

Connor: Hello, Mr. Crain.

Crain: Call me Richard, I have to say Connor, your defense skills are impressive. Perhaps we will meet again, maybe inside or outside of court. *fades away*

Hardus: Well... I'm glad you defended me.

Connor: Sorry for your daughter.

Hardus: She was always a wild girl. Oh, sorry, I don't have much cash on me. But I do have something that might interest you.

Connor: What's this? A... Ticket?

Hardus: It's for special trainers to take a trip for the Pokemon World Tour. It's a raffle that 5 trainers can win, maybe you'll get lucky, ha!

Connor: (Huh... Maybe I should give it a shot. Wonder what's in store for me.)



Canalave City
Sinnoh Region

Bryan: Time for another day in the Library. Ready guys?

A teen in a black suit with the Mine Badge pinned above a name tag saying Bryan Collado. He pulls out two poke balls, releasing a Chimchar and a Shinx. The Pokemon then said their cries happily, Chimchar went to the 2nd floor as Shinx fell asleep on the main desk.

Bryan: Come on, Shinx. Look alive, we have books that need to be given to the public.

Shinx just yawn and fell back to sleep.

???: Excuse me...

Bryan turned around, seeing a small child, maybe 9 or 10ish, wearing a sideways blue cap, yellow shirt and blue shorts.

Bryan: Yes? What book would you like to see?

???: Something about rattata. I'm going to the johto region and begin my journey!

Bryan: Alright. Chimchar! Book about rattata!

On cue, Chimchar looks for a book, finding one, and sending it to the first floor via chute.

Bryan: Here you go, one book about rattata.

???: Wow! That was incredible. Thank you...

The boy then looks at Bryan's name with a puzzled look.

???: Mr. Colorado!

Bryan: You're- Wait... What?!

???: Umm... Nothing, see ya!

And with that, the boy ran out of the library.

Bryan: Well then. I don't get it, my last name isn't hard to pronounce.

???: Hello?

Bryan: Hmm... Yes?

The next person is a green haired woman, wearing a light green and white lined dress, with a brown middle and pointed lined green bottom.

???: I would like a book about nature, particularly about forests.

Bryan: Ok. Chimchar! Book about forests, please!

Again on cue, the book falls down the chute.

???: Thank you very much, Mr. Coloring Book.

Bryan: It's my honor- Wait what!?

When he blinks, she already disappeared.

Bryan: Seriously... My last name isn't that hard to say.

???: Hello. Do you have a book about... Aliens?

Bryan: I'm sorry, what?

A girl with a black and white dress with a white bow tie in her hair was standing where the other two people appeared.

???: I would like a book about... Monkeys.

Bryan: Alright... Then. Chimchar! Book about... Aliens.

Once again, a book falls down.

Bryan: Here you go. One book about... Aliens.

???: Thank you, Mr. Corald.

Bryan: ...You're welcome? (Seriously?!)

And with that, the girl left as well.

Bryan: I swear, if someone messes up my last name one more time...

???: ....hello?

Bryan: I mean... It may not be native to Sinnoh, but...

???: Hello.

Bryan: I mean... These people are just messing up on-


Bryan: Oh crap! I'm sorry, what do you need?

After Bryan was done looking crazy, he saw the person who the voice was coming from. She had twin, black pig tails, a white shirt with a blue striped sweater tied around her waist, and with a brown skirt.

???: I have a book to... Say, isn't that the Mine badge?

Bryan: Um... yeah, it was against Byron, my Chimchar against his Bronzor, and... Sorry, didn't mean to bore you. What's your book?

???: Oh believe me, you're not boring me. Oh yeah! I wanted to return this book about ice types.

Bryan: Return a book? Shinx, time to shine. Quick attack!

Shinx, finally waking up, used the attack to take the book from the girl and to the other side of the room, put it into the "return" basket.

???: Wow! Your Shinx is like lighting! How did it get that fast?

Bryan: Training, along with my Chimchar.

???: Hmmm... I got it!

Bryan: What?

???: Let's have a battle!

Bryan: What?! This library couldn't support it! (Besides, Riley would kill me!)

???: I know that. Outside then!

Bryan: ...Alright. Chimchar, Shinx, return!


???: Alright, let's send out our Pokemon.

Bryan: Ok.

???: Snover!

Bryan: Shinx!

As the two trainers released their Pokemon, they got into a battle stance.

Bryan: Alright then, since you're the challenger, you go first.

???: Alright then, Snover, Ice Shard!

The tree Pokemon then brought it hands up as it released quick ice chunks towards Shinx.

Bryan: Shinx, quick attack to avoid!

The cat Pokemon then moved past the crystals and attacked Snover in a tackle fashion.

???: Come on Snover! Ice Wind!

The area chilled as Snover opened its mouth, releasing a gust of freezing wind right at Shinx. The blast, unfortunately, knocked out Shinx.

Bryan: You did fine Shinx, thank you. *returns Shinx to its pokeball* Usually Shinx can handle it, but I guess you trained that Snover very well.

???: You're not that bad yourself, but I wouldn't expect less that Riley's student!

Bryan: ( Well more like employee, but wait... How does she know Riley? And how does she know I trained with him? She's knows more than I expected.) Go, Chimchar!

???: Ready to heat things up? But first, chill out. Snover! Ice punch!

Bryan: Chimchar! Counter with a flame wheel!

As the snow tree Pokemon ran up with its fist glowing white, Chimchar starting to release fire and spins towards Snover, making it fall to the ground, knocked out.

???: Oh no! Snover! You did well... *returns Snover* Ok... Time to get serious! Snorunt!

Bryan: (Huh? A Hoenn Pokemon? I guess she is experienced with a whole range of region Pokemon...)

???: So... Are you just going to think or act!?

Bryan: Ack! Sorry! Chimchar, Flame Wheel!

???: Snorunt, Endure!

As the ice Pokemon braced itself, Chimchar didn't hit it as a bone intercepted the flame wheel.

???: Now now, I feel like the match is over, but is your shift over, Mr. Collado?

Bryan: (Oh crap! It's Riley!) Um... Boss! I can explain...

Riley: Lucario, return. *returns Lucario* What have I said about having battles close to the library? It's fragile and...

???: Oh chill Riley, he was just battling me, plus I actually challenged him. So in a way, it's my fault.

Riley: If you would have told me you were going to show up, Candice...

Bryan: Wait... Candice? As in...

Candice: Yep, Sinnoh's own ice gym leader, nice to actually introduce myself.

Riley: She said she was coming down to Canalave herself to return a book, rather than sending it through the Drifblim carrier.

Candice: What's the point? I was bored and I wanted to see the area myself. But I guess I'm sorry for battling your student.

Riley: Student? Oh no, Bryan is my employee, he works at the library, but he has trained with me a few times on Iron Island.

Candice: So technically, he's your student.

Riley: I guess in a way... Say, why not we go visit the gym and see Byron? I hear he has his son Roark over for a visit.

Candice: Alright. But first...

She pulls something out of her sweater pocket and hands it to Bryan.

Candice: Here. You took out my Snover and almost my Snorunt.

Bryan: Is this... A ticket?

Candice: Yeah, with this you have a chance of winning this new thing that lets you see the world.

Bryan: Um... Thanks?

Riley: We must go... It's getting late.

Candice: True. See ya, Bryan Coleslaw.

And with that, both Riley and Candice went towards the gym.


And with that, another person has gotten ticket, who else will be joining the Pokemon World Tour, find out next time!


(This part does contain swear words)
Lilycove City
Hoenn Region

On the sandy beach of Lilycove, there was a boy named David, but due to his last name he has gotten himself the nickname "Lucky." Along with him were his raging sea serpent (Nope (Gyarados) and electric ball (Voltorb), as they are enjoying the nice, warm air of Hoenn. But suddenly, an jazzy looking “fellow” appears and he seems to want something from the boy.

???: He-llo there!

Lucky: What the bloody hell do you want, mate!?

???: Well excuse me, you don't have to be rude. I am here for-

Lucky: First of all, NEVER interrupt my relaxing time! And second, what do you want afroman?

Miror B.: If you let me finish, I am Miror B. and I'm here for the contest hall, but I can't seem to find it.

Lucky: Well you should've said that in the first place, just head towards the boating area and you should see a building with a ribbon on it, you can’t miss it.

Miror B.: Thank you very... Hmmm...

Lucky: What’s with that “Hmmm”?

Miror B.: Your clothes, your Pokemon, that angry rude personality... You're Lucky, the contest connoisseur of Lilycove, if I'm not mistaken!

Lucky: Why, thank you for noticing, you're planning on entering one of the contest? What rank are you gonna do? There's normal, super, hyper, master...

Miror B.: I think I'll start with normal, I need to start somewhere since I'm new to this region.

Lucky: Ok... And what type of contest do you plan on entering? There's Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart and Tough.

Miror B: I'm the coolest trainer of Orre, so of course I'm going for cool.

Lucky: Ok, Good choice, what pokemon do you currently have on you?

Miror B.: A Armaldo and Ludicolo.

Lucky: That’s your choice for cool? I would say try tough or beauty first.

Miror B: If you don't think they'll work, then let's prove it with a contest battle! I challenge

Lucky: Have you actually entered a contest before?

Miror B: Are you questioning me, the famed Miror B. of Orre?!

Lucky: Yes. What are you gonna do about it, mate?

Miror B: Well, in that case, screw the plot! I'm challenging you to a battle! I'm not going to
be taunted by a child!

Lucky: Child!? Shut up, you old fuck! I’m sending you and your shitty hair back to the 70s!

Miror B: Go! Armaldo!

Lucky: Go! Gyarados!

Miror B.: Bad move, contest boy! Armaldo! Rock Slide!

Armaldo then waved its claws around as rocks started to form, then finally appearing on top of Gyrados. Lucky started to panic for a minute, but then had an idea.

Lucky: Gyarados! Dive!

On cue, the sea serpent dove into the water before the rocks hitting, thus disappearing into the blue ocean.

Miror B.: Wait... Where did it go?

Lucky: Wait for it...

Miror B.: For what?

Lucky: Wait...

Miror B.: Um-

Lucky: Now! Gyarados!

With the command, Gyarados popped up from below Armaldo and tooked the bug rock pokemon down with it. After a few seconds, it jumped out of the water, did a backflip and threw Armaldo back on the ground while it landed back in the water.

Lucky: See?

Miror B.: ...

Lucky: Speechless? Yeah, I get that a lot.

Miror B.: Armaldo, return. Alright then, you forced me to use my ace, let the music play! Ludicolo!

With the movement of his arm, he got another pokeball and released the Pokemon.

Lucky: Alright, Gyarados. Come back. Go, Voltorb!

Miror B.: Oh ho ho! You think that ball is going to stop my Pokemon? Ludicolo! Hyper Beam!

Lucky: Dodge!

With that, the ball moved at lightning speed avoiding the energy blast, luckily, it missed in the ocean.

Lucky: My turn, Voltorb! Thunder!

With the skies bright blue becoming dark grey, a massive bolt comes out of the clouds and strike Ludicolo directly, but only looks a bit fazed.

Miror B.: Ludicolo, Hyper Beam!

But Ludicolo did nothing.

Lucky: You have to recharge, so let's attack again. Thunder!

On the second bolt, Ludicolo shooked as yellow lines move around it.

Miror B: Don't think this is over! Ludicolo, attack!

But Ludicolo didn't move.

Lucky: Heh. Paralyzed. Thunder!


Lucky: Thunder!


Lucky: Thunder!

Some guy in distance: Thunder Beasts HOOO!

Lucky: WTF was that?!

After the fifth bolt, Ludicolo fell over, defeated.

Miror B: Ludicolo, return. Damn! Well call me impressed! For some punk, you know how to battle, that or you have some luck on you.

Lucky: I don’t just do contests, i have beaten many foes in the past, some good and some bad. WAIT, WHAT DID YOU SAY!?

Miror B: Well... I think my time is up. I need to visit places, here.

*hands Lucky a ticket*

Lucky: Huh? What's this for?

Miror B: It's a ticket for a contest of sorts, they call it the "Pokemon World Tour" or something like that. Personally, I don't need it with my travel plans, so here, I'll give it to you instead.

Lucky: Thank you, very much, mate.

Miror B: With that, I'll leave. See ya.

Lucky: Good luck on your travels.

And with a battle so fierce, the writers never wrote it.(They were too lazy) Lucky has gotten a ticket to this event as well. How will the event fare with the loud mouth? Find out later.

Lucky: Well you're not wrong (Mostly).

Noel: This needs more posing.

Virbank City
Unova Region

*Saxophone starts playing*

[Why do I work at pokestar studios? Because I wanted to see myself on the big screen.]

Actor 2: You will fall at the power of true evil, Bisharp Knight! Hydreigon! Dragon Claw!

Actor 1: No... I won't ever give up, with all that's at stake! Bisharp! Metal Claw!

[I wish that was me.]

Director: Cut! That's a wrap! Great job. Stage Hand, I need the next scene in place!

Noel: Alright. Machop, we need to move the next backdrop. What's the next one?

[ Yep. That's me. The name's Noel. Raised in the crowded city known as Castelia, I caught the ferry and rode it to Virbank to work at Pokestar Studios, not a bad job, but being the stage hand could be less stressful...]

Director: We need the climactic battle for Bisharp Knight and the Dark Overlord with his Hydreigon, we need to finish the movie tomorrow for the audience.

Noel: Tomorrow!? [Like I said... Stressful.]

Director: Yes, tomorrow. So unless you pick up the pace, this would be all ruined.

[This is not good. But this might be my big chance to help the production a bit more.]

Noel: Alright. What's next?

Director: Let's see... This is the scene where the final battle will take place... Where's actor 1!?

Actor 2: Not good. He seems to be sick and lost his voice!

Director: WHAT?! Oh nonononononono! This can't be happening! With his voice gone, we can't continue the movie! I'm ruined!

Noel: I have an idea!

[I don't have an idea.]

Director: What is it?!

Noel: Why not give me the chance to do it?

Director: You? Play the Bisharp Knight? Sorry kid, that would be a miracle to get you in the costume, let alone perform!

[Lets just say... I sort of... lost it.]

Noel: Listen here, you overgrown wind bag! I have all right to ditch as the stage hand!
And when I mean try it, I meant voice act! So either let me try the part, or suffer the loss of millions! What's your call!?

Camera Man: We could try it, what do we have to lose?

Director: Ugh... Alright. Let's try it.

[I grew up watching movies like the Bisharp Knight and seen the show many times. I even remember most of the lines here. Now it's time to give it my all.]

Noel: Alright!

*at the recording booth*

Producer: Alright kid, let's see what you got.

[My dreams are about to be true. I can't go back here.]

Noel: "Not good! We can't give up here, not both of us! Bisharp! Final Attack!

Actor 2: What? No. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I will not be defeated like this! I will rise to power, this isn't over!

Noel: "Yes it is, goodbye! Bisharp! Metal Claw!

Actor 2: Hydreigon! Return! Fine... I guess you won, Bisharp Knight. But I'll let your victory be sour sweet. Reuniclus, teleport! You haven't see the end yet! Ahahahahahahaha!

Noel: "I'll be waiting, me and Bishop will not let your villainy take over. So as long as we have each other's partnership, we will stop you."

Narrator: With the power of Bisharp Knight, the Evil Overlord has fled away, for now. What new dangerous adventures will our heroes face? Find out soon... In Bisharp Knight vs 50 ft Simisear, the movie!

Director: That's a wrap! Fantastic work, everyone! Can you have these audio clips edited?

Editor: I will before the premiere.

[For once, the director didn't look so stressed, seems like I did a good job.]

Director: Oh. There you are, Noel. I have to say, your voice went well with the part.

[Wow... He even said my name instead of my role. I feel like I'm about to-]

Producer: Everyone get ready for the premier tonight!

[can't even finish my monologue...]

*at the premiere*

[I can’t believe they spelled my name wrong. “Noelle”?! I spoke to the editor at LEAST three or four times! Well… At least I get my pay check after this…]

Director: There you are Noel, can you see the audience, how they loved your acting in the final part.

Noel: Didn't the editor filter my voice?

Director: Yes! That's why they don't recognize it.

[Ouch... Right in the dreams.]

Noel: Ok...?

Director: What I wanted to say is, thank you for filling the role. Here's your paycheck. And here, have something for your troubles.

Noel: A ticket?

[It appears my boss wants to get me into gambling.]

Director: There's news of the PWT, and that ticket could be a winner.

Noel: The Pokemon World Tournament?

Director: No. The Pokemon World Tour.

[Pokemon World Tour huh? Sounds like fun, but who knows if I win. Only my luck would decide that...]

(They are currently playing in Pokestar Studios: Aridos Man 3, Crobatman Returns, The Adventures of Heracross Man)

Narrator: And now some rating (not fake at all) of Bisharp Knight.

7.8/10 too much forced humor

10/10 best movie best movie


1.5/10 Aridos man 3 was BETTER.

0/10 read the manga


Olivine City
Johto Region

David: "Ugh... Another day of doing nothing. I need to find something to do."

Says a grumbling man getting out of bed. This is David, a native of Johto who really has nothing to do. As he gets dressed and goes down the stairs, he sees his Snubbull asleep on the couch.

David: "Hey there, buddy. Mind scooting over for both of us?"

As soon as he finished asking, the pink dog Pokemon woke up and moved to the other side of the couch as David sat down and turns on his TV.


David: "Heh. Let's see what's up in the regions, shall we?"


David: "Huh... First the red Gyrados a while back and now this? Seems the media can't get enough of it."

After the news section, Snubbull jumped up and started to smell the floor, as in locating something.

David: "If you were hungry, you could have asked..."

And then the dog started running towards the door to the basement.

David: "What's up?! Hold on!"

After David opened the door, the Snubbull ran into the room below, before stopping and barking madly at what appears to be nothing.

David: "If this is some joke to tell me to clean the basement, I'm not-"

David stopped as he sees a green glow come across the room.

David (picking up a flashlight): "Hello?"

After again asking, something jumped out from behind the random stuff pile, a marril, but it was a different green hue compared to the regular blue.

David: "Well... Looks like I found what the media lost. Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, little one."

The Marill was on guard, wondering if he can trust David as it started to inch closer. But as it tried to get close, Snubbull started barking again.

David: "Snubbull, heel!"

And with that command, the dog Pokemon sat down and started whining. After enough patience, the Marill went towards David, only to run past him and up the stairs.

David: "Of course it wouldn't be that easy, hold on!"

After David and Snubbull ran up the stairs after the Marill, they find it sticking it's head in a Pokemon food bag.

David: "Guess he was trying to find something to eat. Heh. With that glow, it looks like it's sick."

After eating, the Marill was starting to look tired, but before Marill fell asleep...

David: "Before trying to live in my house, you have to follow the one rule, you must be caught. I don't want to get in trouble with a wild Pokemon, especially with your fame. Do you accept?"

The Marill stopped to think about it, and then nodded up and down.

David: "Ok... Pokeball, GO!"

As David threw the pokeball at Marill, it turned into a green light as it went into the pokeball, shaking once, twice and three times until...


David: "Glad to have you, now rest up Marill!"

After releasing it from the pokeball, Marill laid asleep in the couch next to Snubbull, as David sat down on the couch with them, he saw something sparkle in Marill's hand.

David: "Huh... What's this? A ticket? Wonder for what it's for-"


David: "Ah! Next time, warn someone..."


David: "Huh... That was convenient. Guess I now know what this ticket is for. Wonder if I could actually win."

*random time later (time zones are different)*


Connor: (It's about to start, it's worth a shot...)

Bryan: Ok. Time to see what this is all about.

Lucky: Let's see if that ticket Afro Man gave me is a winner.

Noel: [Hope the director didn't pull a fast one...]

David: Maybe my luck will change for once?


Connor: YES! Wahoo!


Bryan: Wow. I got in!


Lucky: Huh, Neat.


Noel: Really? Time to show my skills.


David: *jaw drops to the floor* Whoa. My luck is changing after all. Time for my life to change!


(All of them Phone in)

???: Boss, the five winners are all in different regions, what do we do?

???: Easy, we send them a boat and pick them up. Shouldn't be too hard, where was the first winner from again?

???: Kalos.

???: Ah... The Region of Love and Light. Alright, set sail! We move first thing tomorrow!

???: Yes Sir!

And so, with a cruise ship on route to Kalos, we have our five "heroes" waiting to get picked up for their adventure to see, enjoy, battle and have fun on the Pokemon World Tour.

David: Pretty cheesy, huh?

Seriously! Just let it end and we'll move on to the next chapter!

David: Fine. You say so, Narrator.