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Pokemon Violet X: Pokemon Violet X Chapter 1 - (Arkwell Aromas)

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Welcome to Chapter 1 of Pokémon Violet X, leave a like if you enjoyed, and comment down below for some ideas too! Thanks. ~SwiftyNinetalez
= Current Location: Arkwell Town
= Badges: 0


I groaned as I woke up from a wonderful dream, the sun was shining bright, and the birds outside were chirping with excitement. It was a new day I said, as I looked out my window to see the sunrise appear over the horizon. Mom called out to me for breakfast, and I knew what she had cooked for me too! Some of those delicious pancakes that were so good with maple syrup. I rushed downstairs to see my mother, and sister sitting at the table patiently for me to come, and as I got my pancakes, I kind of.. Uh.. Fell..

I fell with the pancakes in hand, and my vision suddenly blacked out on me. I would never of thought blacking out my vision just like that, which was strange. I woke to see my mom and sister helping me up, which was the least they could do because my pancakes were on the ground perfectly okay! Not missing, nor fallen on the floor. I stood up and sat down and just ate my pancakes like normal, that fall was just typical and normal which didn't really matter anymore. After my breakfast, my mother and sister gave me some things because I was going on a Pokémon journey today, since I turned 13 a week ago which was one of the best moments of my life.

She gave me this device called the PokePlex. Apparently, you could talk with people, text, and use it for finding Pokémon! Kind of like the PokeNav Plus. She also gave me some clothes that looked quite good, and gave me some running shoes incase my other ones get worn out or anything. I thanked my mom and went to my 10 year old sister named Ellie. Surprisingly, she reached out and gave me her special pendant. She told me that it was a lucky charm, and said that it was better off with me because of my big journey. I smiled and gave her a nice hug, and hugged my mom too. I will miss you guys I said, my mom cried a little and my sister closed her eyes. I will miss all of this, but sooner or later, I will return and be here forever I said. I kept that a promise and kept it in my mind. I said farewell to them as I walk out my door and into the sunlight. They said goodbye for one last time, and as I shut the door, I felt really sad. I thought to myself, "I have lived here for many years, and I cannot believe I am sad right now, after all this planning". I stopped for a minute and took a deep breath, I closed my eyes and went down to the Pokémon Lab another minute later. That I knew my fate was already decided.

My name is Nemus, by the way if you didn't know. I hope Professor Vincent has a Pokemon for me to have too, so that I can begin what I call, a wild adventure. Hmm, seems quiet today I said, as I opened the door to Professor Vincent's Laboratory which was full of technology and books. Right at the end by the table, I see Vincent who I knew in Arkwell for a long time. I went up and told him about starting my journey with one of the three Pokémon. "Oh? Your going on your journey now eh? Forgot about that, here are the three of them right here". He showed me three starters, a grass type, a fire type, and a water type. The choices were, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, and Turtwig which were all pretty good. I liked the Mudkip because of his ground/water typing later on, but Cyndaquil is as good as a Charmander. I took a few minutes to decide, and I finally chosed Mudkip. I loved his cute face, it was the most cutest thing I have ever seen. While I was talking to myself, Vincent went over and gave me a device called the PokeDex. He said that it was a device used to view Pokémon, see which ones you have seen or captured, pretty much it was a Pokémon Encyclopedia all together. I thanked him and told him about my friend Kai who apparently was suppose to be here with me, but wasn't. Vincent told me that he ran to Ikolite Forest west of Arkwell to get some berries. I stood up, thanked him again, and ran off to the west of town to find Kai. Ikolite Forest was a big memory to me since I went there to play as a young kid. The forest was pretty big and it had lots of berries to pick which was awesome. But man, I cannot believe I am holding a Pokemon right now I said, Mudkip is a cute Pokémon indeed and I will protect and love him with care. Suddenly, I heard a scream deep down in the forest. I couldn't tell which direction it came from, but I knew it was Kai's voice. A few minutes later, I found Kai being attacked by a wild Pidove and called out my Mudkip to help. When I defeated the Pidove, it flew away in pain and I quickly went to check up on Kai who was on the ground hurt. Are you okay? I said clearly, "Yeah.. That Pidove was poking me alot! Thanks Nemus for coming! How did you know I was here?". I explained to him that Vincent gave me a Mudkip and told me you were here picking berries. He smiled and stood back up to tell me about the bunches of Oran berries he found while I was at the Lab.

= Location: Mt. Zettum (Deep) =

???: Percy! What the hell are you doing? Your suppose to be out CAPTURING a Vulpix..!

Percy: Sorry sir! I was just getting something personal and getting a nice cup of te-


Percy: But sir! I will do it right now, please just let me off with a warning..

???: A warning? How pathetic are you?! Your a Shadus Admin, you should be better than this! GRUNTS ARE SUPPOSE TO SCREW UP, NOT YOU ADMINS..

???: This is why I promoted you for a reason, so you could do your job better nad get more money! DO YOU WANT TO BE DEMOTED?

Percy: NO SIR! I really don't want to be demoted, just PLEASE! IM GOING RIGHT NOW, BYE..

???: Ugh, selfish admin who thinks they are safe! That was just a warning itself, if he screws up again! He will be in pain.

Ehmm, Hahahaha! Oh, how I love... Death... Those Disobient Grunts and Admins.. Fools...

= Location: Arkwell Town =

Me and Kai eventually left the forest and went home. We collected alot of Oran Berries and decided to share them between us only. I talked to Kai about our Pokemon journeys, what were they going to be like? What Pokemon will we catch? stuff like that. As I was talking, a figure popped infront of us very quickly, and it seemed to be a human too but it was different. He grabbed Kai and started choking him. I snapped and pushed the figure away from Kai before it got worse. I reached out and told Kai if he was alright. "Yeah.. Ah.. Man, who was that figure anyway.." I shook my head, it was weird all of a sudden! why would a figure come out and choke my best friend so quick? I may never know.. The figure was gone too, it was mysterious but we must carry on for now I guess..