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Pokemon Unknown Gold

by Sylvious

Sylvious A Pokemon game isn't always all good and happy, especially when you get a demonic copy of Pokemon Gold. (Creepypasta Oneshot WIP)
"Once the door opens, the death brakes free." I heard from an unknown voice. "Huh?" I turned around, but nobody was there. "Just my mind, I guess." I replied. That was the first clue I had that this game was distorted, but still, I didn't notice what it mean't. I continued walking to the video game store.

So hey, my name is Alan. I guess I didn't give you a proper introduction. So, I was walking to the video game store to buy Pokemon Gold. I was waiting for so long to get it!

I got in the huge line right in time. The doors opened a few seconds after. But people were pushing each other and going crazy over just one game. I casually waited in line, like the only normal person there. Finally, I walked inside the store. I wanted Silver, but as I walking down the isle, I noticed that all copies of Pokemon Silver were sold out. So I walked to the other isle and grabbed a copy of Gold. As soon as I turned around, there was nobody inside. Then, I heard a voice saying "Don't buy it." I just thought it was my mind contradicting myself, so I denied the voice and bought the game.

When I got home, I paced to the room and put the cartridge into my golden Pikachu Edition Gameboy Color. After I turned it on, I saw something odd. The "Pokemon Gold Version" logo was colored in black entirely. I just thought it was the design choice, so I continued as usual, pressing start. I saw a file named "Unknown". That was when I started noticing that this copy of Pokemon Gold was corrupted. I called my friend that also has a copy of Pokemon Gold and he simply replied "Not for me." "Okay, thanks for telling me." I hung up. I was thinking I should return the game to the video game store, but I was curious. So I clicked "New Game", and then the lights turned off.

I was so afraid I ran to my parent's room to see if they were okay. They weren't there. I opened the door to outside and I ended up going back to my room. I was trapped. I ran to my flip phone and called 911. "DIE." I heard through the phone. I was paralyzed. I started to hear the Lavender Town theme song. Then, I felt a shock. An unknown force made me pick up my Gameboy Color. I couldn't move from my position. I could only play Pokemon Gold for what I assumed all eternity.

When the game told me to choose the date, the default was 06/06/06. I couldn't change it, though. So I selected "Yes" and moved onto the game. I was the normal Gold sprite, but I had red eyes, and I would constantly glitch. I was in a dark room, which was different from the footage I saw. I moved forward, and had the option to choose my starter: A Bulbasaur named Light, a Squirtle named Freedom, and a Charmander named Death. I thought the game was trying to trick me so I chose Charmander. Then, the game turned off. The effects of the unknown force was still active, so I was stuck in this dark room. The Lavender Town music got louder. I saw a knife coming towards me, and eventually stabbed me.

I woke up in my bed, like it was a dream. I got out of my bed, deciding I'm not going to the video game store to prevent that from happening again. Then, I got shocked again. I couldn't move as the unknown force pulled me again. It made me go to the video game store once again, buy Pokemon Gold, and restart the process. I knew this was true hell.

Next, I picked Light. My game turned off, but I got light. I still couldn't move, and the knife was coming towards me again. This time, I found out who the killer was. It was just a knife. But I heard a voice coming with that knife. "Any questions?" I heard something next to my ear. "Of course." I replied. "Well you are not getting any." That was the last thing I heard before I died. I woke up again in my bed. Again, the unknown force sent me again.

Lastly, I picked Freedom. The Gameboy Color turned off for the third time. The lights were on, and I could move again. I thought I was done with this nightmare. I looked into my parents room. They still weren't there. So, I opened the door outside. I saw light for a second. But it seemed I was back in my room. I'm still in this nightmare. I was wondering why the knife did not come. And as I thought of that, the knife killed me once again. And then I woke up. I went with the process once again, and when I chose Death, the Gameboy Color didn't turn off. "Finally! Isn't there gonna be a Pokemon battle now?" I exclaimed. I got what I wished for: A Pokemon battle. Not a normal one though, as a glitched Silver like-figure sent out an Unown as the letter D.

I used Scratch, and the Unown fainted. An Unown as the letter O was sent out next. I continued using Scratch and eventually the Unown's spelled out "DONT TRY". I finally won the battle, despite the creepy sentence. I walked forward until I entered Route 666. I obtained a Potion in the grass, so I went to my inventory. In my Pokemon tab, I saw 9 Unown's below my Charmander spelled "SURVIVING", which I thought was linked to the previous message. I also noticed my Charmander only had 1 HP left, despite the Unown doing no damage. I healed the Charmander using the potion.