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Pokemon Universe: Rebirth

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma From the creation of the world to the banishing of Giratina, these are the lost tales of our Pokemon Universe.

Writer's Note: I decided to delete a lot of my old series, including Pokemon Universe. But in exchange, it is being reborn here! So the title is fitting in more ways than one! The NEW Pokemon Universe plotline will be only three works long. But I'll be applying my modern writing style to this old series. So, let's get started!
[1: Awakening]
Endless black.
Nothing but black...
and two objects.

Two floating eggs.
Two soundless eggs.
Two eggs that came from nowhere.
Yet are born from everywhere.

They hatch.
One crack.
Two cracks.
Many more.
Finally, they shatter.

Out come two Pokemon.
One is silver.
The other is pink.
They float in empty space.
Then they awaken.

They think.
They analyse.
Then they realize.

Nothing exists.

Nothing but them.

They have power.
Power to create.
Power to make.
Power to LIVE.

So they live.

[2: Creation]
They are gods.

They think.
One is silver.
One is pink.
They are the only things in this realm.

They chose to live.
Now they choose to create.

Arceus, creator of the physical.
He creates space.
He creates time.
He creates planets.
He creates stars.
He creates the universe.

Arceus chooses a planet to become their home.
Mew makes that home inhabitable.

Mew, creator of the spiritual.
She creates the sky.
She creates the ocean.
She creates nature.
She creates the elements.
She creates life.

A home.
They have a home.

An empty home.
Something is missing.

Mew created life.

But what is the point of life if no one is there to use it?

Arceus and Mew.
They create.

Deities of time and space.
They are born.

Deities of land, sky and ocean.
They are born.

Deities of life and death.
They are born.

Deities of the sun and the moon.
They are born.

A deity to keep the balance of the dimensions.
He is born.

A deity to balance Yin and Yang.
The Tao Dragon.
It is born.

A flying temple high in the sky.
The Sky Pavilion.
A gateway between realms.
The Spear Pillar.
The realms of gods.

Servants for the deities.
For Dialga, Celebi.
For Palkia, Jirachi.
For Groudon, Ho-oh.
For Kyogre, Lugia.
For Rayquaza, Latias and Latios.
They are born.

Trios to keep the balance, in service to a deity.
For Ho-oh, the legendary beasts. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.
For Lugia, the legendary birds. Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno.

A trio for Mew.
Uxie, being of knowledge.
Mesprit, being of emotion.
Azelf, being of willpower.
They are born.

One final task.
To create life.
Complete life.

Ones to inhabit the world.
They are born.

Arceus and Mew seal themselves to their realms.
The deities may reach them.
But only them.

The Earth is complete.

Arceus and Mew have made a universe.

[3: Betrayal]

Jealousy can lead someone to do horrible things. As was the case with Giratina, ruler of the reverse world.
He was jealous.
Jealous of the power of Arceus and Mew.

The power he wanted for himself.
So a plan began to form.


In the Sky Pavilion, Mew was resting when Rayquaza arrived.

"Oh, heya, Rayquaza! Why'd you stop by?"
"Oh, great creator of us all. It's about the humans."
"The humans? What about them?"

"They have begun a war in the area they call 'Kalos'. I fear this war will have a disastrous outcome."
"Maybe. I'll see what I can do about it later. But we have some other things to consult about. Since you're here, I'll give you a heads-up. I'll be calling the greater deities here tomorrow for a meeting."

"I'll be there."
"We will discuss this war then, as well as a few other topics. I fear Groudon and Kyogre may be becoming too strong for their own good. And with their rivalry as it is..."

"You want me to keep an eye on them, I presume."
"Yes, thank you. Also, there are more Pokemon considered Legendaries appearing. I have heard of a trainer who has befriended three of these Pokemon."

"I believe that I have heard of this man as well. He fights on neither side of the war."
"So no one knows his intentions. If you could, keep an eye on him."

"I understand. Will that be all?"
"Yes, thank you."

As Rayquaza soared away, Mew resumed her rest. She did not realize that the shadow behind her was not the shape of any nearby object. It was the shape of Giratina.


Rayquaza was flying around when Latios and Latias flew up to him.
"Rayquaza! It's an emergency!"

"What is? What's happening? Is it the humans?"
"No, it involves Mew! It's a vision of the future - Mew's going to be attacked! In fact, she's in danger right now!"
"WHAT?! Come with me, you two! We have to help Mew!"

In a panicked frenzy, the three sky Pokemon flew through the sky, back towards the Sky Pavilion.


As Mew was resting, unaware of what was about to happen, a shadow in the corner grew smaller... and a figure began to rise from it.
It was Giratina.
"Mew. At last, your power shall be mine!"
The dark lord rushed forwards, flying towards Mew.

Suddenly, ten glowing blue balls of energy flew out of five portals, hitting Giratina.

Someone had set up a Future Sight.

"Grah! Who...?!"
The dark lord sunk into the shadows, barely dodging the large beam of energy. He reappeared a few feet away.
"Why, Giratina?! Why attack Mew?!"
"You wouldn't understand. You couldn't! That power... I was created FOR that power! It is mine by right! Leave now, or else be destroyed! I would hate to harm another Greater Deity."
"And harm another Greater Deity you shall not."
Giratina turned to see Mew awake and revitalized.
"I'm disappointed in you, Giratina. You were supposed to keep this universe balanced. But no, you choose to take advantage of the power you had been gifted. You desired more power, and so chose to try and take the power of your creator. For this, you WILL be punished. I will simply detain you, and the Council of Legends will decide your punishment. THUNDER WAVE! CONFUSE RAY!"
Giratina flinched as he was hit by the abnormally-fast attacks. Mew must have used Geomancy or something along those lines. He was completely immobilized.
"Rayquaza, take him somewhere where he can be secured. We need to make sure he doesn't do anything until the Council convenes. Looks like we have something else to add to the discussion topics."
"Mew... Rayquaza... You'll pay."
"Sure. Now come along, tough guy. You won't have to wait long for your judgement."
As Rayquaza lifted Giratina away, Mew had an ominous feeling. But she had to prepare for the assembly of the council the next day.

[4: Judgement]
The day had come. Once every part of time humans called "months", the Sky Pavilion would descend low enough in the atmosphere that the earth-based legendaries could come aboard. Such legendaries were Groudon and Kyogre. The full council was soon assembled at a special area of the Sky Pavilion reserved just for these meetings. The council assembled in their respective place around the circular plate; Palkia, Arceus, Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Mew and Dialga. The place in between Palkia and Dialga was empty, as the seat belonged to Giratina. Ho-oh and Lugia were perched nearby, watching Giratina with Latias and Latios.
"Before we begin," Kyogre asked, "why is Giratina not at his seat? Furthermore, why did you request that Lugia 'guard' him? There's no one who would want to take him down."
"That's actually the first matter of business." Mew said. "Giratina is being guarded not because he's IN danger, but because he's THE danger. In human terms, yesterday he attacked me to try and take my power."
The council was astounded by this news. All but Rayquaza, who had been there.
"It's true." the dragon stated. "I was there. Latias and Latios were as well. They can confirm this."
"So..." Palkia said, astounded. "This means we have a traitor in the council? Furthermore, a traitor from the Original Six?!"

"It seems so." Arceus said. "I had a feeling he was going to be trouble."
"He needs to be punished for this!" Groudon shouted. "Attacking Mew, attempting to steal her power... We're not just going to let this slide, are we?!"
"Most definitely not." Dialga responded. "But we need to think of a suitable punishment for one considered a god."
"Banishment." Kyogre said.
"Excuse me?" Mew asked.
"What would be a suitable punishment for a god?" Kyogre stated. "Banishment from his own realm."
"It makes sense. And it's certainly possible." Palkia said. "But how do we banish someone from the UNIVERSE?"
"Send him to another one." Dialga continued. "A parallel universe where they would spend the rest of eternity."
"That sounds like a suitable punishment." Mew said. "But where to send him?"
"The Reverse World. The universe connected to ours, but is almost completely different." Palkia reasoned.
"Let's put it to a vote, then." Arceus said. "All in favor of banishing Giratina to the Reverse World?"

"Then it is unanimous. Bring Giratina forth!"


"Arceus. I heard your plans. You'll pay. You'll all pay for this! YOU'LL ALL PAY!"
"You have attacked a fellow member of the council! You have attempted to steal the power of your creator! You have endangered the order of this world! You shall not be harmed... No, you shall be banished! Banished to the Reverse World, where you shall spend the rest of your days! I leave you with your powers, but you may never return to this realm under your own power! And so, I seal you, Giratina, TO THE REVERSE WORLD!"
Dialga and Palkia opened up a portal behind Giratina, connecting to the Reverse World. Arceus slammed Giratina, still under the effects of Paralysis, through the portal into the Reverse World.
"YOU'LL PAY!" Giratina shouted as he fell through the portal, into the Reverse World.



Giratina now had one goal.
Against the Council, against Mew, against Arceus.
And he had found a way to do it.

Giratina found that with his powers, he could create portals in the Reverse World to the Pokemon World. He could see through anything reflective. And so he watched the world he was banished from.

And then he had an idea.

He could manipulate things through the portal. Not much, but some things. And he could not leave the Reverse World "under his own power". He now knew a way to complete all his objectives.

Create powerful servants to defeat his enemies and bring him back to his world.

Giratina now had one goal.

  1. GreninjaTrainer013
    I'll tag you when it's done

    Also, this is my current idea for the story: Having the full timeline of Pokemon stated in a simple Written Work. Will take long, but hey. Also, I plan on making a few things different - A few things about parrarel universes 'n stuff.
    Apr 3, 2017
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  2. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @GreninjaTrainer013 You're free to do whatever I want - I can't stop you. It's your thing, after all. This is just what I think the origins of the world of Pokemon might have been.
    Apr 3, 2017
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  3. GreninjaTrainer013
    So, this is like the beginning of life? Interesting.

    Mind if I make something similar to this, tommorow or maybe some other day?
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  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @Blu Ace I get that and I considered that fact, but I'm giving them genders for the sake of my writing style. To identify them more as characters.
    Sep 19, 2016
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  5. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    Nice, but one thing, that I dont think will bug anyone but.

    Legendary's dont have a Gender. Arceus is not Male, and Mew is not Female, etc. Although I dont think much will care, although I dont care much, Im just stating a fact.
    Sep 19, 2016
  6. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    But I'm glad I got it done! Between YouTube and Life, I haven't had much time to work on projects like this. BUT I'M GLAD I DID! Honestly, I have no idea when the second part will come out. Sometime in between Saturday and next month, I'd wager!
    Sep 15, 2016