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Pokemon under control pt 1

by Alexis Miller

Alexis Miller When a Riolu population is at risk how will Izzy and her Riolu rescue them?
[​IMG] this Riolu is up to no good lets get right into it
*It was a nice and Sunny day,Izzy and her Riolu were out walking to the next Village* "Hey Riolu this is great! when you Evolve then we can get stronger then you will be able to Mage Evolve! how cool!? *she asked happy to have Riolu by her side as they walked but then she saw smoke* "hey Riolu whats that?" *she asked looking down at her partner* "lets go check it out!" *she ran towards the smoke with Riolu by her side,When they got there the Village was on Fire and every one was tiring to put it out with Water type Pokemon* "OH NO! what happened!?!" *she asked rushing down to Help her Riolu followed she went up to one of the Villagers and asked* "Sir what happened here?" *the man looked at her and sighed* "a Riolu did this he came and destroyed our Village some one had warned us said that the Riolu was looking for other Riolu and when it did not find any it left" *she looked at her Riolu* "why would it be looking for other Riolus?" *she asked very confused* "I don't know that's what were tiring to find out but there was nothing that could help so we just waited until it was done and now look what happened" *she took out a poke ball* "here let be help" *she threw the Poke ball in the air* "Come on out Goodra" *a Goodra came out and she looked at Izzy* "Goodra use Rain Dance" *Goodra nodded and used Rain Dance it took a minute but when she was done all the Fire was out* "Thanks now Return" *she said pointing the Poke Ball at Goodra and Returning her and putting the Poke Ball away,the man looked surprised* "Thank you! how could i ever re pay you?" *he asked smiling* "stay safe and please ill take care of this"
To Be Continued.....