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Pokemon Triumph! Chapter two: Neon's Fateful Encounter!

by Zyreph

Zyreph Meh, the title means she has an encounter with pikachu's talking
Pikachu randomly comes out of his pokeball, "Huh? Hey, whats wrong?" Asked Neon politely, "I can't stand it in there!" Pikachu Replied back, "W-Wha-at, you can talk?" Said Neon in utter shock, "Can't we all" Said pikachu arrogantly. A Hydreigon randomly comes out of nowhere, "Oh my god, can't a pikachu get a break for once! Ha-HA!" Pikachu said as he uses electro ball like he's been doing it for years and knocks out hydreigon with one hit, "But you're only level five, you couldn't have beaten it!" Yelled Neon in utter shock once again. "Oh, never mind lets go!" Smiles pikachu, "Right off we g-" says neon as pikachu cuts her half way through her sentence, " Want to go have some food first, i'm starving.