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Pokemon Trainer Red (Manga)

by Curtkid

Pokemon Trainer Red (Manga).jpeg
Curtkid SEE! I don't JUST do OC characters!

So, I just started reading that Pokemon Special manga everyone's been going on about. It's dark, violent, and will make you question everything you've come to know about Pokemon, so yeah, like everyone said, it's pretty good. I actually started doing a manga Red Pokemon style run on my Fire Red Version with Poli, Saur, Pika, Snor, Gyara, and Aero (I originally had Vee, but I couldn't evolve him into an Espeon without transferring him to another game, so I decided to swap him out with Aero).

I started this a while ago but recently decided to finish it up, that's why some of the Pokemon look a bit better then others (Pika was surprisingly difficult for me to draw where as Gyara was unexpectedly easier then I thought). All in all, I think this came out O.K, maybe not my best, but O.K. I decided to lighten up on the shading a little bit this time, I think it looks pretty good, but maybe I could have added a bit more shading, what do you guy's think? I personally think it looks a bit better, but eh. I had more fun drawing this when I picked it up again the second time around, maybe, just maybe, I am getting better...

I still REALLY need to get around to coloring in my art work, it would look much better even if I did a simple coloring job. Eh, I just hope you guy's like it.
  1. Steel Seth
    Steel Seth
    It is a pretty awesome series. I like Blue (The Boy... not the Girl..)
    Jan 19, 2016
    Curtkid likes this.
  2. Frontier Master
    Frontier Master
    It looks great
    Jan 19, 2016
    Curtkid likes this.