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Pokemon Orange Purple and Peridot: Pokemon Trainer Purple

by Sure why not

PuSp large 2.png
Sure why not ((A sprite that I made for my other oc, Purple. She's the female trainer (or rival if you pick the male trainer) in my fangame idea, Pokémon Orange, Purple and Peridot. I might make it into a fangame, comic or story at some point, but for now it's just an idea.
Name: Purple
Age: 15
Region: Itosia
Hometown: Collina Town
Galvantula (Electric/Bug)
Nidoqueen (Ground/Poison)
Zoroark (Dark)
Hydream (Water/Fairy) - Starter (She chooses Hydream in the canon story, but she chooses the super effective one (Oricron, Phoexai or Hydream) if she's the rival.)
Epsoul (Poison/Ghost) - Legendary (She has Epsoul in the canon and if she's the rival in Pokémon Orange, but if she's the rival in Pokémon Purple then she has Zetyx. If she's the rival in Pokémon Peridot, she catches the legendary that you don't choose.)
Oricron (Grass/Steel) - Legendary (In the canon she chooses Hydream so she gets Oricron later, but if she's the rival then it's replaced with the starter that is weak to the one you chose, so she has both starters that you didn't choose (eg: if you picked Phoexai then she has Hydream and Oricron.))