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Pokemon Trainer: Gray

by GoldenPath

GoldenPath She's Gray. She has 18 years old. She loves fighting and fire pokemon, but all her pokemon has dragon type moves (Gray love dragon type moves).
Gray often be sullen and serious sometimes , however,
she's very funny according Brown (her rival from the pokemon academy when they were 15 years), she specializes in double battles. As a Unova Dex holder like Brown, she wants to meet the 6 amazing Dex Holders ( Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow). Gray likes Gold and she really want to battle with him, but Brown is in love with her so on they journey that began in Hoenn, he does the impossible for she can't find information of where is Gold.
Her pokemon are: Apocalypse - Druddigon (her strongest pokemon), Luke - Lucario, Heaven - Eevee ( Brown give it to her) Bolero - Arcanine, Flora- Bulbasaur and Sevchenko - Lairon
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    May 11, 2016
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