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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Pokemon Trainer Adventure Chapter 3: Friendly Battle.

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Pokemon- Froakie, Fletchling
Pokemon- Fennekin
Pokemon- Chespin, Egg (Cyndaquil)

Remember you can add characters, the form for it is in Chapter 1.
On their way to the next gym they ran into someone who got her starter pokemon after they did.
"So whats your starter?" Flame asked.
"Its Chespin." Aspen replied.
"I got a Fennekin." Mal said.
"And I got a Froakie, I just caught a Fletchling and got my first gym badge, I'm on my way to the second gym." Flame said.
"I got my first one two." Aspen said. "I challenge you to a battle."
"I accept the challenge." Flame said.
*Once on battle field*
"Chespin I choose you." Aspen said.
"Make a wise choice Flame, you could win or lose this battle." Mal said.
"I know this." Flame said. "Fletchling I choose you."
"Chespin use Vine Whip." Aspen said.
"Fletchling dodge with Quick Attack." Flame said and Fletchling dodged.
"Now use Quick Attack again." Flame said and Chesping was weakened.
"Chespin use Vine Whip again." Aspen said and hit Fletchling.
"Fletchling use Quick Attack." Flame said and Chespin was defeated.
"Chespin return." Aspen said. "Well that was a real nut cracker"
"Jokes, realy?" Flame asked.
"What?" Aspen asked. "I like puns."
"What ever." Flame said. "Fletchling return." Then a Goomy passed by.
"Looks cool, its my'n." Mal said.
"Fine by me." Flame said.
"Fennekin I choose you." Mal said. "Fennekin use Scratch." Goomy is weakened. Goomy used Tackle on Fennekin.
"Fennekin use Scratch again." Mal said and Goomy was defeated.
"Pokeball go." Mal said and caught it.
"Fennekin return." Mal said.
"So Aspen do you want to join us?" Flame asked her.
"Sure, but I won't be doing gym battles, I was just having fun with that one." Aspen said.
"Alright, cool." Flame said.
"Next up Cyllage City." Mal said.
"Alright." Flame said.
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    Oct 3, 2016
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    Cooooooool! Thanks for adding my character!
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    Flame the Trainer
    critic, did you read all chapters?
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    "Chespin return." Aspen.
    Its "Chespin return." Aspen said.
    Oct 2, 2016