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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Pokemon Trainer Adventure Chapter 17: Gym 5

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Pokemon- Frogadier, Fletchinder, Hawlucha, Honedge, Noibat, Egg
Pokemon- Braixen, Goomy, Bergmite
Pokemon- Quiladin, Litleo, Skiddo, Egg (Cyndaquil)

Frogadier- Aerial Ace, Water Pulse, Bubble, Quick Attack
Fletchinder- Tackle, Quick Attack, Peck, Ember
Hawlucha- Tackle, Karate Chop, Wing Attack, Flying Press
Honedge- Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Pursuit
Noibat- Tackle, Gust, Wing Attack
Braixen- Scratch, Ember, Flame Charge
Goomy- Tackle, Bubble, Absorb, Dragon Breath
Bergmite- Tackle, Powder Snow, Icy Wind
Quiladin- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile
Litleo- Tackle, Leer, Ember
Skiddo- Tackle, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf

*Note about the series and others: some keys dont work so yeah, and if you like this series please give it a like so I know that I should continue it. HInt about Flame's egg, it will be a Eevee. One more thing, anytime it ends with they decided to go train, I wont put in the training, but the pokemon will know some new moves but they wont have evolved.
They made it to the Lumiose City Gym.
"Finally, the fifth gym." Flame said.
"Dont you wanna rest after all that?" Mal asked.
"The battle spirit is in him, he dont need to rest." Aspen said.
"Thats true, lets go." Flame said. They got inside, Flame challenged the gym leader and the battle has started.
"Emolga I choose you." Clemont said.
"Frogadier I choose you." Flame said.
"Dang it, hes weak to electric." Mal said.
"Its time to spark it up i guess." Aspen said.
"What a joke." Mal said looking at her.
"Frogadier use Water Pulse." Flame said and Emolga was weakened.
"Emolga use Aerial Ace." Clemont said and Frogadier was weakened.
"Frogadeir use Water Pulse again." Flame said and Frogadier missed.
"Emolga use Quick Attack." Clemont said and Frogadier was defeated.
"Frogadier return, Fletchinder I choose you." Flame said. "Fletchinder use Quick Attack." Emolga was defeated.
"Emolga return, Magneton I choose you." Clemont said. "Magneton use Thunderbolt." Fletchinder was weakened.
"Fletchinder use Ember." Flame said and Magneton was very weakened.
"Magneton use Thunderbolt once more." Clemont said and Fletchinder was weakened.
"Fletchinder use Ember." Flame said and Magneton was defeated.
"Magneton return, Heliolisk I choose you." Clemont said. "Heliolisk use Quick Attack." Fletchinder is defeated.
"Fletchinder return, Hawlucha I choose you." Flame said. "Hawlucha use Flying Press." Heliolisk is weakened.
"Heliolisk use Thunderbolt." Clemont said and Hawlucha was weakened.
"Hawlucha use Karate Chop." Flame said and Heliolisk was defeated.
"Heliolisk return." Clemont said.
"Hawlucha return." Flame said. Flame got his badge and they went outside and went to heal their pokemon.
"We should train for the next battles." Mal said.
"I agree." Flame said. So they decided to train before going to the next gym.
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  1. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    I try to make it that way, since you said the character like to home around. It's a bit hard sometimes.
    Dec 7, 2016
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    I like the way that the character I submitted always cracks some smart-aleck joke. Kinda like me IRL! XD Keep up the good work! :up:
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