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Pokemon Trainer Adventure: Pokemon Trainer Adventure Chapter 10: Village Trouble

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Characters/Pokemon before:
Pokemon- Froakie, Fletchinder, Hawlucha
Pokemon- Fennekin, Goomy
Pokemon- Chespin, Litleo, Egg (Cyndaquil)

Froakie-Pound, Growl, Bubble, Quick Attack
Fletchinder- Tackle, Quick Attack, Peck, Ember
Hawlucha- Tackle, Karate Chop, Wing Attack
Fennekin- Scratch, Ember, Flame Charge
Goomy- Tackle, Bubble, Absorb
Chespin- Tackle, Vine Whip, Pin Missile
Litleo- Tackle, Leer, Ember
The gang was in the village before the Courmaline City, which was the fourth gym. Then pokemon began to disappear from trainers.
"What's going on?" Flame asked Officer Jenny.
"Well we are getting reports from trainers that their pokemon are disappearing." She replied.
"Is there anything we can do to help?" Aspen asked. Then the alarm went off.
"i have to go, there's an emergency." Jenny said while leaving. We went into the forrest.
"Stop right there." Flame said.
"Avalugg come on out and use Stone Edge." Person said.
"Fennekin come out and use Ember." Mal said and Stone Edge was stopped.
"Litleo I choose you." Aspen said.
"Flet.."Flame started to say when a Honedge went infront of him.
"Huh?" Flame asked.
"Woah a Honedge." Mal said.
"Hon, Honedge." Honedge said to Flame.
"You want me to catch you after i battle Avalugg with you?" FLame asked Honedge, and it nodded yes.
"Alright then, Honedge use Fury Cuter." Flame said.
"Fennekin use Ember." Mal said.
"Litleo use Ember also." Aspen said and Avalugg was defeated.
"Avalugg return." Person said.
"Honedge use Tackle." Flame said and the person was sent flying.
"Fennekin return." Mal said.
"Litleo return." Aspen said.
*Later in the pokemon center*
"Thanks to you three the fiend was defeated and the trainers got their pokemon back." Jenny said.
"It was no problem." FLame replied and Honedge began to nudge him.
"Oh right i was going to catch you, pokeball go." FLame said and caught Honedge.
"Good luck on your journey you three." Jenny said.
"Thanks." Flame said walking outside and heading to the next city. When they ran into some pokemon.