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Pokemon Topaz: Amberheart City (Remake)

by Mechanist Gamma

Mechanist Gamma Welcome to the world of Pokemon! More specifically, the Garet region. Today we meet Topaz, a young ten-year-old boy just beginning his Pokemon journey.

"I am Professor Henry Spruce, the Pokemon professor of the Garet region. And not just this region, but the WORLD is inhabited by fantastic creatures called Pokemon. They can be found in deep forests, expansive plains, windy skies, desolate cliffs and gentle seas. Pokemon are everywhere! Humans and Pokemon co-exist in this world, helping out each other in various ways. Pokemon can be companions, pets, or friends for life. Pokemon involve humans in a variety of ways. I, myself, choose to research Pokemon. Now then, just to verify who you are, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Are you a boy or a girl?"


A boy, then! Alright, now what's your name?


Topaz, is it? You're one of the three new trainers who will be stopping by my lab to receive your first Pokemon later today. But now! Topaz! Your grand adventure is about to begin! From facing perilous challenges to making allies and friends, you will have many rich experiences and countless triumphs. Now, your adventure awaits!"

Sitting on his bed with his laptop open in front of him, Topaz smiled as the computer program finished.
"The world of Pokemon... a great Pokemon journey..." he said, flopping down on the bed. Turning his head, he looked at the poster on his wall of the legendary Kanto region champion, Red.
"Someday..." he said, thinking about Red's legacy. He then turned and looked at his desk. On his desk he had figurines of the evolutionary lines of the three Garet region starter Pokemon with a poster up on the wall behind it. Looking at the posters, he recalled information about the starters.
"Nymphi, the Aqua Pokemon. An elegant choice for starters. A fun choice. But then there's Firoe." he said, looking at the fire-type. "The Fire Bird Pokemon. Tough to raise, but a powerful fire-type in the end. And finally, Treedut." he said, glimpsing at the small thing. "The seed Pokemon. Difficult to train, but a powerful fighter in the end. A champion's Pokemon. Which one to choose? Which one...?" Topaz soon fell asleep, tired.

"Ugh... what time is it?" Topaz asked, looking at the clock. It read 10:00. "GAH! I gotta move, or I'll be late!" Topaz threw off his bedsheets, placed his Laptop on his desk and got quickly dressed. Coming down to the kitchen, he saw a note.
Chugging his orange juice and munching his bacon and banana while getting his shoes and vest on, Topaz was out the door only a minute later. The young trainer dashed over to the lab as fast as his feet could take him.

Arriving at the lab, he saw two trainers already talking to Professor Spruce.
"S-sorry I'm late!" he said, huffing with exhaustion. "Overslept."
"That's quite alright!" Professor Spruce said. "You haven't missed anything! In fact, we were just getting acquainted. I am Professor Spruce."
"Name's Marble." another boy said.
"Hiya, I'm Amethyst!" the girl said. Topaz nodded.
"Nice to meet you both! I'm Topaz." he said. "So, what about the Pokemon?"
"Ah, yes." Spruce replied. "They're right over in the next room." The Professor led the three kids into the next room, where there was a table with three Pokeballs. One had the symbol of a leaf on it, another with a raindrop and a third with a small flame. "The one with the leaf symbol is Treedut, the one with the raindrop is Nymphi and the one with the flame is Firoe. Now then, would you like to choose first, Topaz?"
"Thank you, sir!" Topaz said with gratitude, stepping over to the table. "I thought about this a lot last night, but now I think that the one that I want as my partner is... TREEDUT!" Taking the Pokeball, Topaz opened it, releasing the Pokemon inside.
"Treedut!" it said, happily.
"Treedut. A good choice." the Professor said. "Now, I'll let Amethyst choose next."
"Thanks, professor!" she said. "My dream is to become a top Pokemon performer, and I choose to take that path with... Nymphi!" Amethyst took Nymphi's Pokeball and unleashed the water-type.
"Nymphi!" it said playfully.
"Now it's your turn, Marble." Professor Spruce said to the boy.
"It's cool. I wanted Firoe, anyways." he said, opening the Pokeball. Firoe came out, and Topaz could feel the heatwaves it was creating to stay airborne.
"Now that you have all chosen your Pokemon, I think it's time to hand out your Pokedexes and Pokeballs."
"Pokedexes?" Amethyst asked.
"Pokedexes are inventions that record data on the Pokemon you meet." Marble said. "They can also identify the stats, types and moves of a Pokemon. Quite a handy tool. The first Pokedex was developed by Professor Samuel Oak in the Kanto region. My dream is to complete the Pokedex."
"You know your stuff, don't you?" the Professor said, smiling. "Currently I have three Pokedexes, one for each of you. I'll give you each a Pokedex and five Pokeballs." The professor gave Topaz a Pokedex, which he opened up.
"I am Dextre, a Pokedex created for new Pokemon trainer Topaz." the Pokedex said.
"Hey, it talks!" Topaz said. "Cool." Topaz was about to leave with Treedut, when Marble stopped him.
"Topaz, since we've got our Pokemon now, why don't we have a battle?" Marble asked. "It would be good experience."
"Heh! Definitely!" Topaz said, tightening his cap. "I'll take you on! And I'll win, too!"
"I wouldn't be so sure." Marble said, smiling. "Fire does beat grass, after all."
"Won't make a difference!" Topaz said. "Battle begin!"

"Firoe, tackle!" Marble said, as the fire bird targeted Treedut.
"Fiiiii-roe!" the fire-type said, soaring towards Treedut.
"Dodge, now!" Topaz said, and the seed Pokemon hopped out of the way. "Now, use tackle!" Treedut leaped into Firoe, slamming the bird into the ground.
"Use Leer!" Marble said. Firoe stared at Treedut, inflicting a blue glow onto Treedut for a few seconds.
"Tackle again!" Topaz said, getting Treedut to slam into Firoe once more. Marble smiled.
"Now, tackle!" he said, as Firoe charged into Treedut. Looking at the Pokedex, Topaz saw that that one tackle attack had knocked out almost half of Treedut's health, balancing the two's health bars.
"In one hit?!" Topaz exclaimed, surprised.
"Leer lowers the opponent's defense." Marble said. "A great tactical move."
"Then we'll use your own strategy against you! Leer!" Topaz said, and Treedut stared at Firoe, encompassing the fire bird in the same blue aura.
"That won't help you! Tackle!" Marble said.
"Dodge it!" Topaz said as Firoe came swooping in. Treedut barely dodged, snapping back into position. "Now, tackle!" Treedut leaped into Firoe, sending it crashing into the ground. Smoke filled the battlefield, and when it cleared... Firoe had fainted, and Treedut was victorious.

"Awesome! Great work, Treedut!" Topaz said, happily. Treedut skipped into Topaz's arms and the two laughed.
"Good fight." Marble said, returning his Firoe to its Pokeball. "I'd like to fight you again sometime."
"Well, I'd like to fight you as well." Amethyst said. "I'd like to test out my bond with Nymphi."
"Well, you'd better heal first." the Professor said, healing Firoe and Treedut. Soon Topaz and Amethyst were in battle positions once again. "Alright you two... BATTLE BEGIN!"

"Treedut, let's get the first move! Tackle!" Topaz said. Treedut dashed forwards, slamming into Nymphi's pearl. The water-type stumbled before elegantly regaining her footing.
"Alright, use Pound!" Amethyst said as the water-type rushed over and slammed Treedut.
"Not good! Treedut, counter!" Topaz said. Treedut ran into Nymphi again... but it dealt no damage to the water that the Tackle attack ran into. "Gah! Treedut, we have to focus on the pearl!"
"No good! Pound!" Amethyst said, as Nymphi dashed forwards again. Treedut allowed it to get close, before side-stepping at the last second and dealing a close-ranged Tackle attack. Nymphi fell to the ground, defeated. "Heh... that was fun!" Amethyst said, smiling.

"Agreed." Topaz said. "Let's do it again sometime." Treedut smiled.
"Let's you and me have a battle." Marble said. "That way we'll have three battles all around."
"Okay!" Amethyst said as Spruce healed Nymphi and Treedut. The seed Pokemon pranced over to Topaz's side. "Battle begin!"

As the battle between Marble and Amethyst was taking place, Professor Spruce walked over to Topaz.
"What's your dream?" he asked.
"My... dream?" Topaz asked, confused.
"What you want to do." the Professor said. "Amethyst said she wanted to become the Top Pokemon Performer. Marble said Pokemon Master. What about you?"
"Well... I want to be a Pokemon League Champion, just like Red." Topaz said.
"I'm sure you'll do it. Just keep at it!" the professor said.

"Aw..." Amethyst said, having lost again.
"Hey, better luck next time!" Marble said, smiling.
"Now then, you three!" Spruce said, addressing the trio. "Your journey begins now. Go and fulfill your dreams!"
"Thanks, professor!" Topaz said, dashing home.

Arriving at his house, he saw his mom there.
"I figured it would happen like this." she said. "I packed a bag for you. Some food, some money, five potions and some Running Shoes."
"Thanks, mom." Topaz said. coming over, he gave his mom a hug before setting out of the city.

"The world of Pokemon... what awaits for me next?"

Route 1 awaits! What new Pokemon will Topaz encounter? Will he meet with Marble and Amethyst? What will happen when Topaz meets a Gym Leader? Find out next time on Pokemon Topaz!

(Special thanks to: @HalenFinascio, @NightRaven, @EspeonTheBest, and @WindRyder)
  1. SailorInSpace

    I'm team Marble, sorry Topaz!
    Jan 9, 2019
  2. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    @HalenFinascio Hey, the hopefully future champion should start with a win!
    Sep 21, 2016
  3. HalenFinascio
    Seems legit, Treedut won. I honestly wasn't expecting that. Great. Now I'm a loser! >_<

    Almost finished with the chapter! I'll check with you and you can make some revisions first.
    Sep 21, 2016
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