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Pokemon: Pokemon: Thorton

by Shen: King of Digimon

Shen: King of Digimon Thorton. A Frontier Brain and Tower Tycoon of the Sinnoh. The smartest mind in all of Sinnoh, Thorton has invented an advanced personal pokedex that can interpret languages, video anything he sees, identify any Pokémon, as well as use it to master what an opponent is going to do next based on even facial expressions.

Having a difficult time emoting himself, he rather study others to find ways of predicting and one-upping them instead of improving his own personality. Notably the only trainer in all of Sinnoh to have more than one legendary, having over 12

Also leader of team Thorton Thots
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  1. Shen: King of Digimon
    Shen: King of Digimon
    @DarkHydraT no one knows how he got over 12, but man is it impressive XD

    Thanks! Had to draw him in the swagiest pose I could muster lol
    Sep 7, 2019
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  2. DarkHydraT
    Over 12?! Did this guy create the World Championships or something? He'd fit right in, love how you drew him by the way
    Sep 7, 2019