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Pokemon Theory: Why Ash's Pikachu Never Gets In The Pokeball?

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 This Is My First Theory, And I Have The Right Information To Support All The Info That I Am Going To Give. But, Why Pikachu Hates To Be In The Pokeball? Find Out!
Why Pikachu Never Gets In The Pokeball?​
Well, Some People Speculate That Pikachu Doesn't Like The Pokeball Because Red Hated Pikachu And Then He Gave It To Ash... Well, First, The Game And The Anime Are 2 Different Things, But Thats A Theory For Another Day.

Some People Say That When Oak Caught Pikachu, The Pokeballs Hadn't Been Invented Yet. I Really Think That Oak Caught Pikachu, But I Don't Think Thats Why Pikachu Hates To Be Inside The Pokeball.

So You Should Be Asking:
Then Why Pikachu Hates To Be Inside The Pokeball, Goku?
Good Question, Easy Anwer:
When Prof. Oak Gave Ash His Pikachu, The Pokeball Had A Little Bolt/Lightning In It. But When We See Ash Trying To Make Pikachu Go Into The Pokeball, The Pokeball Has No Bolt! Probably Ash Took The Wrong Pokeball, Maybe He Took The Pokeball Of Some Of The Starters. I Really Don't Think It Was An Animation Error, Because Pokemon Loves To Troll Us... Like Pikablu XD.