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Pokemon Theory: Why Ash NEVER Ages?

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 In This Theory We Are Going To Talk About A Theory That My Friend WindRyder Suggested To Me... The Famous Theory... Ash Is Still... 10! Why Ash Never Ages? Lets Find Out!
Why Ash Never Ages?​
We Know That Ash Started He's Journey A Long Time Ago Since 1997... And Now, In 2015 Almost 2016... Ash Is... Still 10... Well, This Is Going To Be Awesome!... Anyways, We Know That Ash Is Always Lucky, He ALWAYS Finds Every Starter In Each Region, And Catches It! Except For Sinnoh And Hoenn, I Never Watched The Johto Series So I Dunno... We Know That Ash Wants To Be A Pokemon Master... Which We Never Get A CLEAR Definition Of... We Practically Don't Know What A "Pokemon Master" Is, But Thats Another Theory...

Before I Completely Get Off Track Let's Start With The Most Popular Theory Of This... They Say... That When Ash Saw Ho-Oh, He Was In A Sleep, So... They Say, All Of The Adventures That Ash Has Been Through... Is A Dream?

Well That May Be... But Orochimaru Still Wants The Real Secret, So Lets Start With My Own Theory! Ash From The Start Was 10, And Know He's 10, But We, Fans, Have Grown Up, BUT, Do YOU Ever See Spongebob Age? And Freaking Dare To Tell Me That You Haven't Seen A 10 Year Old Kid Watching Pokemon! Thats What Is All About! Ash Is Still 10 Because Pokemon Is Still For The Younger Audience! I'm Not Telling You All That Watch The Anime Kids, Even I Watch It! I Just Say That Ash Will Probably Never Age... Because If Ash Ages... Pokemon The Anime, Will Literally, End... Well This Sounds Dark, But Do You Want To See A 20 Year Old Guy Going Through A Journey... That Sounds... Weird! Right?

So Thanks For Reading This Theory! Leave Your Suggestions For A Theory Down In The Comments Below!
  1. Sylvious
    @Teapot M'kay, I'll try to remember that. Thanks for telling me :)
    Mar 12, 2016
  2. Teapot
    Hey @Sans X, please don't dismiss someone else's theory outright because you disagree with it. There's nothing wrong with offering your thoughts, but telling someone they "screwed up" is not cool.
    Mar 12, 2016
  3. Sylvious
    NO! That isn't the most popular theory. I think you screwed up. It is "Ho-Oh makes the person who seen it internal happiness" even that isn't true. It is based off the Pokédex entry, but the entry wasn't that until Dimond and Pearl, games many years after the first episode of the anime.

    And also, your theory wouldn't be the logical way inside Pokémon. Even if this is true (Actually, it is true), it wouldn't make sense inside the Pokémon universe. We'll never have a logical way of explaining this, but my theory is just Ash has some power that allows him to defy time. It sounds very FAR-FETCHED (Lel), but it sounds true once you see these weird things in the Pokémon anime.

    Although, nice job. Your imagination took over, not the real facts, but it still was entertaining. And yes, we don't know a clear definition of a "Pokémon Master". At least, not yet....
    Mar 12, 2016
  4. WindRyder
    Thanks so much for taking my suggestion! I love your theory! :)
    Dec 18, 2015
    GokuPT99 likes this.