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Pokemon Theory: The Relationship Between Ditto And Mew

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 In My New Theory I'll Looking At, The Relationship Between Mew And Ditto! From Now On, I'll Be Taking Suggestion From You Guys!
What Is The Relationship Between Ditto And Mew?​

Well, First Lets Start With The Facts, Ditto Has A Move That Is Called "Transform", With That Move, He Can Literally Become Any Pokemon. BUT, Mew, Even Tho, It Also Posses The Same Move, Mew It's Capable Of Learning Every Move In The Entire Game. Mew Can't Just Transform Himself As A Pokemon... But He Can Make YOU Transform Into Something Else. In Other Words, Mew Has The DNA Of Every Pokemon, If You Give It DNA Of Someone Or Something Else, He Can Transform Into That. But Ditto Is A Little Different, With Just Seen A Thing, Person Or Pokemon, He Can Transform In It. Mew Is Pink, Ditto Is... Pink! Mew's Shiny Form Is Blue And Ditto's Shiny Form Is... Blue?... Knowing Game Freak, They Didn't Mess This Up, They Maybe Intended This, So We, Fans Speculate!

Now Lets Start The Theory. I Have To Theories For This... The First One Is, That Ditto IS Part Of Mew, And Maybe They Got Separated Because Team Rocket Wanted Mews DNA, And They Just Got A Little Part Of It. They Named It "Ditto" After The Accident. The Other Theory, That Complements With The First One Is This, With A Little Of Mews DNA They Tried To Do A Experiment Which Happened After Mewtwo, They Tried To Recreate It, But... The DNA They Had Left Didn't Quite Work, So They Left The Experiment, Not Satisfied, Then They Decided To Create Mewtwo, They Called Their Failed Work, "Ditto".

I Really Think Thats The Case Because Ditto Seems Part Of Mew's Body, What Do You Guys Think?

And I'll Be Taking Suggestions For My Theories So Leave The Theories You Want Me To Cover Down In The Comments Below!