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Pokemon Themed Meals

by raccoonchan12

Pokemon Themed Meals.png
raccoonchan12 I'm still trying to make some more Pokemon Themed Meals but these are all I got so far. You got a Buofollant Fried Steak that is cooked in the color of a Buofollant with rich Gravy and some greens on the side. Dedenne Layered Tart, a nice fruity tart with Oran Berries and Pecha Berries mixed together,cooked into the orange color of Dedenne, with a nice roasted whip cream, and drenched with some tasty and sweet caramel. A Panpan Salad, which is nicely seasoned and perfectly washed Salad with some nice, and tasty fruits mixed in. It reminds some trainers of a nice and delectable taste of those in the Unova region. And lastly, a Swirlix Parfait. Originally suppose to be a milkshake, I decided to make it like a little parfait. It's mixed sweet and mouth-watering berries, blended with some moomoo milk and layered with some small whip cream inside it, with the similarity of a Swirlix.
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