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The Kalos Rush Collection: Pokemon: The Kalos Rush - Chapter 5: Blue's in Kalos? Part 2: The Unexpected Arrival.

by Rovenz

Rovenz The battle is still on, but a visitor has came to give Rovenz a special gift... This is Chapter 5, Part 2 of my project for Summer Camp: #summercamp15
Rovenz's Pokémon: Goomy, Fletchinder, Espurr, SHINY Trevenant, A Shiny gift from a special person.
Blue's Pokémon (travelling with Rovenz soon): Frogadier, Fletchinder, Espurr, Florges, Diggersby.

With the adventure currently queued, the battle continues with Rovenz vs Blue, the Ex-Strongest trainer in the world, and now they encounter Blue's Diggersby, a level 20 one.

"That is one strong Diggersby." Rovenz said. "But that won't stop my Shiny Trevenant. Alright, use Horn Leech!!!" cried Rovenz. Trevenant knew that Rovenz was believing in him, so they gave Blue a battle they won't forget, Trevenant used Horn Leech with lots of power. Diggersby was confused so it got hit by the Horn Leech.

Diggersby held on to it. "Use Hammer Arm, Diggersby!" cried Blue, but Diggersby wouldn't snap out, so it hit itself and it fainted. "WAIT!" said a familiar voice. It was Wulfric, he gave Rovenz a special box. "Here, I found it when it wasn't feeling well, I already have this, so I let you have it." said Wulfric. Rovenz opened it and saw a baby shiny Bergmite sitting right there.

"Go Pokéball!" said Blue. He tried to catch the Bergmite but then Wulfric threw a biscuit into the Pokéball. When Blue got the Pokéball back, but he saw Bergmite was still with Rovenz and the ball didn't shake, he looked inside and saw the biscuit. He shouted "ARGH, why are Pokémon sometimes miserable.". Rovenz decided to put Bergmite on a chair to watch.

Then Blue called out a Pokémon he didn't realise was a bad idea, "Go, Espurr!". "Trevenant use Astonish!" Rovenz cried out to Trevenant. Trevenant realised that Rovenz believed in him as well, so Trevenant used a very powerful Astonish! Little, but Powerful! Espurr fainted because of that. Trevenant was so powerful it became one of Rovenz's powerhouses, like Goomy, Fletchinder and Espurr. "Go, Florges!" Blue shouted throwing Florges' Pokéball. Rovenz got his Pokédex and scanned Florges.

The Garden Pokémon
times long past, governors of castles would invite Florges to create flower gardens to embellish the castle domains.

"Alright, return Trevenant." said Rovenz putting Trevenant back in its Pokéball. Rovenz shouted throwing Fletchinder's Pokéball "Fletchinder, it's time for battle". Rovenz knew what was super-effective, so he called out: "Use Steel Wing with all your power!" while Blue shouted "Use Moonblast! I know you can do it!". The attacks both struck but the winner was.... ROVENZ!

"Alright, return Florges" said Blue returning Florges. "That was not just any ordinary battle, it was also a battle for Bergmite." Blue told Rovenz. "Alright, lets check you out" said Rovenz slipping out his Pokédex scanning Bergmite.

The Ice Chunk Pokémon
Using air of -150 Fahrenheit, they freeze opponents solid. They live in herds above the snow line in mountains.

"Alright, lets do this, go, Pokéball!" cried Rovenz giving Bergmite the Pokéball. It shook, 1, 2, 3, *bing!* "Alright! I caught, a Bergmite!!!" cried Rovenz. While Rovenz's next Gym still awaits, what is his last permanent team member? Will Rovenz win the Pokémon League in the future? We'll find out later on!
  1. Rovenz
    By the way, Bergmite is young so its level is about 16
    Aug 3, 2015