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Pokemon: The Journey

by OmniDragon10

OmniDragon10 A great story I'm writing! Kinda hard to decribe
Littleroot Town...
The Scene opens with a young boy around eleven sleeping in his room. He isn't under covers and has a white shirt and blue flannel pants. Between his bed and his TV there is a small treehouse, containing a Treecko. A Ray of sunshine hits the wood gecko, who lazily opens one eye, then perks up.

Treecko: Dakota! Wake up, bruh!

The boy, now known as Dakota still doesn't wake up. Treecko rolls his eyes and jumps onto the boy's stomach, waking him up.

Dakota: Ow! Forest, what the hell?

Forest: We're leaving for Mixas today!

Dakota: Right!

He gets out of bed and heads for his closet. He opens it and finds it empty save for one pair of jeans and a solid black shirt.

Dakota: Hey, what give- riiiight. My clothes are packed.

Forest: Sometimes, man, I worry about you.

Dakota: Right back at you.

He takes off his white shirt and replaces it with the shirt in his closet before pulling down his pants (Below the screen) and grabbing the jeans and putting them on. He then finds black fingerless gloves with blue cuffs and puts them on. Forest (With difficulty) hands him to black Nikes with Blue laces, soles and bottoms, and the check.

Dakota: Alright Forest. Ready?

Forest: Of course. Let's go explo-

Dakota: Let's eat first.

They both laugh as the episode ends because I'm lazy
  1. OmniDragon10
    Sep 5, 2015
  2. TheThreeEds21
    Nice, dude.
    Jun 26, 2015