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Pokemon the hoenn journey! Chapter 1: Hit and run!

by The Delivery Pancham

The Delivery Pancham A young boy called Jack begins his pokemon journey in the hoenn region! He captures, he battles and then he cries! But this is just the beginning right?
Chapter 1: Hit and run!

Jack finally woke, it took him a long time to awake and once he did, he slid on the banister and accidentally bumped into his sister.
"Sorry!" Jack said, smiling.
"That wasn't funny!" Cried Georgia (Jack's sister).
"It kind of was funny," Jack answered back. Running to the door, he forgot that he hadn't had breakfast yet. Ah it doesn't matter, Jack thought and ran out the door. Finally getting to the Pokemon lab, he met Taylor his rival there.
"There you are nerd!" Taylor said to Jack, smirking.
"No one says nerd anymore," Jack said and he pushed past Taylor to get into the lab. Professor Birch was there, he was working on the pokedex.
"Hi professor can I choose a pokemon?" Jack asked, he couldn't wait!
"Yes sure Jack! One of those three!" Professor Birch said.
Jack walked over to the first pokeball and picked it up: it was a treecko. He picked up the next: it was torchic, and then the last one was mudkip. Jack went to the first pokeball again and said:
"I choose this one."
Taylor on the other hand, chose torchic.
"It is a fire type which could burn down your puny treecko!" He would brag.

Jack got to route one and had sent out treecko to fight a tailow. "Ok Treecko! Use razor leaf!" Treecko used razor leaf and it hit the tailow. Jack threw a pokeball. One...Two....Three... Click!
Tailow was caught! But soon after the tailow was caught, a gang of beedrill flew over to Jack and started nipping at him with their pincers. "ARGHHHHH! GO TREECKO USE POUND!" Treecko used the move but suddenly regretted it. "HIT AND RUN!" Cried Jack!
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  1. The Delivery Pancham
    The Delivery Pancham
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    Apr 16, 2017