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The Drakana Adventure: Pokemon- The Drakana Adventure- Chapter 3

by Nidocool

Nidocool Chapter 3 of the Drakana Adventure!
(Hey guys! Chapter 3 is here! In this chapter, Archie and Quinn meet two new friends, one with strange ways of thinking.)

The shouting came from the Wavenille Gym, where a large crowd was standing. They were mainly shouting affectionate phrases or asking for autographs, but they seemed to be shouting a name. That name was Maiee.
A young woman walked out of the Wavenille Gym, smiling at the tan boy that waved goodbye. "It was nice talking to you, Aleka!" She said, as the crowd continued to cheer. Quinn wondered why they were making such a big deal about this woman, since she didn't look like anything special. She was casually dressed, and looked like a regular resident.
This woman seemed to be looking around for something... or someone. She walked around the area, before finally looking at Archie and Quinn. "Excuse me, have you seen a girl walking around here? Purple hair, large sweater?" She said. "That's my friend and I need to find her."
Archie shook his head. "No, ma'am. We haven't."
The woman sighed. "Alright. She must be in Paupomu City..." She said, sighing. "She always runs off like that... But she doesn't even have a place to go.."
Then, Archie offered to help her find this girl. "You coming, Quinn?" He asked, hoping she would say no. He liked meeting new people, and getting to know about them with anyone else in the way. Plus, Quinn had the tendency to talk a lot. Quinn declined, saying that she was going to the Gym instead. The leader was Water-Type, so Tiny could take him on. He didn't know any Fairy-Type moves, so he was okay to battle.
"Oh, thank you for doing this. My name is Maiee, and I'm a member of the Drakanian Elite Four. I specialize in Dragon-Type Pokemon." Maiee smiles, knowing that because of this, she was a favorite of many Drakanians. "Minka worries me.. She's a fourteen year old girl exploring on her own, and since she has strange views on humans and Pokemon, you never know what will happen. Paupomu City is a relatively small city, and she considers it her home."
Maiee led Archie to Route 1, which was a pretty small dirt road. There were large patches of grass on either side of the dirt road, and it was there so people could actually walk without having to worry about bumping into Pokemon. There were also quite a few trainers walking through the grass, hoping to find a new companion to add to their teams. Archie enjoyed the peace.
"You know, Archie. I'm glad you decided to go with me. Because, even though I do have a lot of fans, a lot of people despise me. Those people are known as the DET, or the Dragon Elimination Program. They have a plan to try to eliminate the Dragon-Type Pokemon of Drakana by trying to legalize Fairy-Types again. The leader, Uvana, always criticizes me because I train Dragon-Types. It really gets me down, y'know?" Maiee said, looking at him sadly.
Archie had remembered that name. Uvana was the woman that was going to harass Professor Catalpa in her lab. He just nodded, looking at Paupomu City. It was very pretty, with a warm and welcoming feeling to it. Bird Pokemon flew freely across the sky, perching right on peoples' clothes lines, to their delight.
Before Archie could do anything else, Professor Catalpa came up to him, panting. "Oh, Archie! I forgot to ask you this! You are old enough to have one, so I would like to entrust you with a Pokedex. It will help my research greatly, and I have already given one to Quinn. The Pokedex is a device that records Pokemon you encounter.. Your father had called and asked me to give you one, as well." She said.
Archie agreed, and happily took the Pokedex. It looked really expensive-looking, so he had to empty out a pocket in his bag. While he was doing to, Maiee looked around, trying to find Minka.
Her location was obvious whenever people came to a certain spot carrying lavish amounts of food. When Archie asked one woman what she was doing with all of that food, she simply replied, "I need to feed the Pokemon-born."
Confused, Archie followed them to find a small girl sitting there, three Pokemon beside her. Her Rapidash looked up at Archie with its yellow eyes. Her Rapidash was a shiny Drakanian Rapidash, which was an extremely rare Pokemon. Only about eight to ten exist. In a small pool she had dug, her Wishiwashi sat, eating some bread balls that she was feeding it. Her Rowlet perched on an old tin can, pecking at an old corn cob. Maiee was sitting beside her, sighing.
"They'll be back, Minka. It's illegal to catch them in Drakana." Maiee said, once the crowds left. Minka's blue-green eyes looked around as she spotted Archie. He looked pretty confused, not knowing what any of this meant.
"Minka, this is my friend, Archie. Archie, this is Minka. She's some legend around here. Not only is she linked to the royal families of both Alola and Drakana, she is known as "Pokemon-born" by the residents here. For the longest time, there were no Pyroar in Drakana. Until fourteen years ago. A pair of Pyroar had appeared, the female carrying a baby Minka on her back. No one knows where they came from." Maiee smiled at the small girl, who seemed more interested in feeding her Wishiwashi than talking.
Archie tried to take that in all at once. He hated silence, so he wanted to at least start a conversation with Minka. "So, um... Are these your Pokemon? Are you a trainer?"
Minka looked at him with a confused face. "Why would I want to be a trainer? I'm not like you or Maiee. I can't own Pokemon. I can't keep Pokemon locked away in Pokeballs whenever I was raised by Pokemon. You trainers can just capture Pokemon at will. Yes, I do participate in Pokemon battles, but I don't consider myself a trainer. I consider myself an equal." Minka said before keeping quiet again.
"Minka doesn't believe in humans being superior over Pokemon.. But I can't blame her. If I were raised by Pokemon, how could I watch people capture the things I call my family? Minka's Pokemon aren't her property or her pets.. They're her friends." Maiee says, smiling. Then she turned to Minka. "But Minka, that's not a good thing. You need Pokeballs for your Pokemon. Then thy're yours. If someone steals them, it's a crime. If someone would steal your Rapidash or your Rowlet now, they wouldn't face any charges, since they're not considered yours. Plus, if you had a Pokeball, you would always know where your Pokemon were."
Minka just stayed quiet, not talking for about five minutes. Then Archie said his goodbyes and went to go check on Quinn. He also wanted to look for a new Pokemon to add to his team, one that would do good damage to Quinn's Dedenne. He was aiming for a Bug-Type, since they could deal decent damage with Poison-Type moves. Unfortunately, he couldn't find any. Route 1 held the regular Pokemon you would expect to see, Zigzagoon, Pidgey, and occasionally a Fletchling or Spearow. He had also battled a few trainers, wanting Citra to get used to him, since she didn't seem the most fond of him.
Whenever he got back to Wavenille City, Quinn stood in front of the Gym proudly, holding the Shower Badge in her hand. She had beaten Aleka, the Water-Type Gym Leader of the city. "Looks like I'm one step ahead of you, Archie!" She said, teasingly waving the badge in front of his face.
"Hey. Unlike you, I was being nice and helping Maiee out. I'm going in there too. Citra and I are just as capable as you and your mutated Pikachu." Archie teased, since that was how he saw Dedenne. Before he could go in, he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"I want to watch." Minka said...