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Pokemon: the awakening

by The legend of pika

The legend of pika A boy finally gets a chance to prove that he is the best when prof. Oak comes to his school in the Kalos region. Prof. Oak asks him a favor and tasks him of helping with an old friend, and together with a beginner, and a master, they have to defeat the evil that approaches
Chapter 1~ On his way to school, norin looked at the sky. "Man, the clouds are beautiful today" he said, walking throught the gate of his school. He sat at his desk and read his book, "ancent pokemon"
"Attention class" said Mrs.Emma softly. "We have a specal guest visiting us. Please welcome professor Samuel oak" she told the class. Norin looked at his classmates who were in shock to see prof.Oak standing there, right in front of them. "Greetings everyone, I am prof.Oak, pokemkn expert."he told them. "I am looking for my next candidates for my trainer program, and after talking to mrs. Emma, we decided we would have a tournament to see who the two should be" he said. Norin looked at key, his best friend, who was jumping up and down in his seat. "Ok, class, here are your rental pokemon" Mrs. Emma said, handing out pokeballs to everyone. "Key, are you ready" Norin asked. "Norin, I have been waiting for this moment for years" key told him, grabbing the pokeballs on his desk.
Chapter 2~ Everyone ran to the battlefeild behind the school. "Norin vs. Mar" Said the prof. "Ok, come on out" Said Norin, not knowing what pokemon it is. "Seviper" said the snake like pokemon. Mars pokemon was a stoutland. "Poison jab, now!!" Norin yelled. "Ssssssvvvvviiiiiiper" the pokemon cried while swinging its tail, jabbing it into the stoutlands neck. "Laaaaand" said the pokemon as hit fell. It was a one hit k.o! After 24 battles of all the students. Norin and Key where the last to standing.
"Well, here we are, you to are the ones that will help me, but first, you two will use the 6th pokemon against each other" Pof. Oak told the two. "Ok key, ready" Norin asked. "As I said before, I have been ready, come on out" Key shouted. Out came a dodrio. "Ok, come on out!" Norin shouted Out came seviper. After a hard battle, it ended in a draw. "You two, come here" Oak said, giving there pokemon back to Mrs. Emma.
Chapter 3~ "Great job, key, a new trainer who loves pokemon, and Norin, little brother of Kalos current champion and pokemon master, Rene" prof. Oak tells them. "Only by two years" Norin tells him. "Well, I believe it is time to pick your pokemon and begin your journeys" "Ok, I will pick squrtle, Norin, your turn" Key says. "I pick... tepig" Norin says, taking the pokeball. "You two should go challenge the gyms and become masters" Oak suggested, shutting his breif case. "That Is a good idea, to be a master now, you have to hae all 8 badges, a shiny pokemon, and a mega pokemon" Key said, running out the door. "Well, thanks prof. Oak" Norin said, running outside with tepig on his shoulder. "Tepig te tep" said the pokemon. "Key, slow down" yelled Norin.