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Pokémon:The 7 Deadly Sins:Chapter 1:Unleashed!

by SummerShaymin

SummerShaymin After a young Trainer accidentally lets the 7 Deadly Sin Spirits back into the world, she has to recollect them. Inspired by the Vocaloid song series 7 Deadly Sins.
Sakura knew how common her name was. It worried her:Would she be forgotten among the other Sakuras? But this Sakura would go down in history. It all started at the feild trip.
She was in Kanto. Her field trip had been to Cherry Hill, a secluded hill discovered quite recently. A tree that stood on top, according to the guide,contained the 7 Deadly Sin Spirits. But of course, Sakura wasn't listening.
She was bored ,so she let out her Braixen from her home,Kalos. She then saw the tree. Not paying attention to anything, she gave that fateful order. "Braixen, use Cut!"
Almost immediately, Braixen obeyed. In that instant, seven lights flew out . The teacher shrieked as six of the lights flew to the other regions. However, as Sakura realized what she had done, Pride began to fly over to the Pokémon League. "I need to pay attention more..." Sakura muttered as she went to chase it.
  1. Staroid
    I'm rating it: 7/10
    Suggestions are mostly use paragraphs, and longer sentences in some cases.
    Other than that, it's marvellous.
    Jun 5, 2017