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Pokemon Super Mystry Dungeon: The start

by Kawaii Unicorn

Kawaii Unicorn A story about super mystry dungeon, the life of the main character
I awoke in a mountain, that was very close to a cave, was this the cave I heard about when Mom told me stories? Wait, I felt shorter. I walked to the crystal clear lake to see what I looked like. My feet made soft noises as they touched the ground. When I got to the lake I bent my head, "I was, I was a shiny eevee!" I jumped back, I'm supposed to be at school right now, where was I? I started to cry, and then something happened. A huge Pokemon came up to me and started using moves! Then I screamed. I ran down the pathway into the cave, and then I realized, I could use moves too! I bit the large Pokemon while running, then I used swift. I countered with so many moves until a tall thing came up to me. "What are you doing here little one? It is dangerous, follow me back to the village." it said. I followed it out of the cave, and then I could see it's figure. It was a Xerneas! I continued to follow it, a Xerneas wouldn't hurt a little eevee like me! I smiled. We walked a long way, till we got to a small village that had many Pokemon. "Welcome to Serene Village little one, now may I ask your name?" said Xerneas, I nodded, at least I could remember my name! "My name is Dove." I said trying to sound like an innocent child who wandered from the village. "Well Dove, do you have a home?" asked Xerneas. "Actually no I don't." I said, "Well tjen, you are welcome to stay at my place." it said, and then it lead me to a fairly large house, with two rooms in each their was a nice nest. "Dove, you can have this room." said Xerneas, "I need to go enroll you in school, so stay here." I nodded, then I rested down on a nest, life seemed good enough for now.