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Pokémon Super Black & White: Teaser

by Cuabone

Cuabone The teaser episode for my new series, Pokémon Super Black & White.
Location of Dragonspiral Tower - Midday, Wednesday 16th July, 4000 years before mankind's creation.
Running, endlessly running. If the creature stopped it's trail, it would mean the end for time..
"P-please...I can explain..." Celebi stared death in the face, but knew it wasn't going to be worth it in the end. "M'lord-" Dialga cut off the delicate being. "This idea of your's, it is foolish and a threat to our power! The future is a dangerous thing to be messing with and you were not created to be disobidient towards your master..." Dialga bellowed in his echoing voice. "A crime this inhumane is surely worth a punishment just to match it..." the world around seemed to be on it's last legs as it crumbled and cracked around, a terrible shaking horror that would birth truth and ideals. Reshiram and Zekrom stood before, brainless and unmotivated. Dialga shook his head, "Can't you see? These qualities are displayed in the creatures you are trying to get Mew to create...they are mindless, brainless, foolish and will enslave our beautiful Pokémon." Dialga maliciously growled at the creatures, "Destroy it." Without question Zekrom and Reshiram aimed and fired. Celebi was gone.
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