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Pokemon Sun/Moon: The Whole Fracture

by Yvenn

Yvenn Yvenn, a Pokemon trainer from Kalos, came to the Alola region to see what all the fuss was about. After getting his first Pokemon and creating a bond with it, he finally seems to be living the life he truly wanted.

All of a sudden, a gang called Team Skull appeared to mess with his plans. They steal Pokemon, harrass others, and... they're just a bad bunch of willy nillies! Will Team Skull mess with Yvenn's plans or will he be able to protect everything dear to him?

(Don't worry. There are NO MAJOR SPOILERS so really. Don't worry about it. There'll be only character reveals. If there's a problem with that, please don't read it. If you don't have a problem with that, I hope you enjoy.)
Chapter I - Time to Leave




My eyes fluttered open as I felt a vibration under my pillow. My vision was a little blurred and it took a few seconds for it to be clear. I sat up slowly and looked at my surroundings. I saw some boxes around my room and my favorite hat, which was from my dad.

As I remembered what happened yesterday, I heard the buzzing noise again. I usually listen to music while I sleep so the first place I looked was under my pillow. There it was! My... contact thing that my mom gave to me before our flight here was buzzing. Someone was calling me.

I picked up the contact and answered. Or should it be said the other way?

Before I could answer, a familiar voice came up. "How ya doin' there, cousin?"

I sighed lightly and adjusted my position on the bed. "I'm doing fine."

"Great! Let just set this camera up and... Oh yeah!" Professor Kukui's face appeared on my screen. "There we go, cousin! You can see me, but I can't, cousin. Do you mind telling me how you look?"

Several options came up. In my mind, I was thinking...

He must be mixing me up with someone else so... he gave me other people's faces...


I shifted my pointer at the top row and the third placement. It had a lightly dark skinned boy with brownish gray eyes. That was me for sure!

I selected that and my face popped up on the corner of my screen.

Professor Kukui grinned a bit. "Ah. And what was your name again, cousin?"

I sighed a bit. He must be working with lots of people.

I pressed a few buttons, selected a few letters, and ended up with Yvenn.

I selected that name and looked closely at my screen. A random Pokemon had jumped onto the professor and looked really eager to play with him. I couldn't wait to visit him!

Professor Kukui laughed. "Okay, Rockruff. We can play later."

The 'Rockruff' heeded his words and jumped off the table he was leaning on. Kukui then smiled broadly. "I'll be waiting here for your journey across the Alola region! Come through bursting with energy, oh yeah!"

The screen went black on his end, showing that he had hung up. I got out of my bed and stretched. It was a little early in the morning. It was probably seven o' clock. Since I sleep in most of the time, all the way until ten at best, this was a little tiring for me.

Wait, no! Scratch that! I was going to become a trainer! I was going to get my first Pokemon on that day! I was a little tired, but being a Pokemon trainer had hyped me up by, like, a thousand energy drinks!

I clenched my fists and opened them in a certain rhythm. "Time to become a Pokemon trainer... once more."

"Yvenn? Come here! I have some of your things ready!" I could hear my mom's voice coming from the kitchen. "Oh, and don't forget your hat!"

I looked to the side, seeing my baseball cap on top of a box. I picked it up gently. This baseball cap reminded me of my dad a lot. He was the one who had given it to me in the first place. How could I just forget about him? He may not be here, but he was great to have around. I think I said that right...

I looked at what I was wearing and noticed that I was already dressed. I didn't feel like trying to put on some new ones until I was where I was supposed to be; it would be a waste to change and get sweaty in those as well.

As I walked out my room, I heard our Meowth making tons of noise. He was a noisy one for sure, but I didn't see the reason why he was noisy this time.

My mom had come out of the kitchen and hugged me quickly before I could react in any way. "Have a good adventure."

I nodded in her hug. "O-Of course."

She released me and turned around. "I had packed everything you would need, including a small little something. You could find it handy in certain situations."

I nodded once more. "Thanks, mom. You're the best."

She turned to me and gave me my bag. It was a blend of black and blue with two small pockets near the bottom of them. "Have a fun trip. Don't forget to visit often."

I gave her a thumbs up with one of my famous smirks. "I'll always come back to visit. You're my mom after all."

I wanted to leave an effect so I opened the door and left, not even turning back. This was my time to leave. To get out into the open world of Alola. I was so excited that I couldn't stop thinking about all the Pokemon I would see. What new stories would I create? What new memories would I make? Would I make new friends?

All those thoughts swirled in my head as I made my way up the path of Route 1.
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  2. Espeon_aura
    I absolutely love this! It just describes how I felt when I started playing my pokemon sun cartridge. Great job, inspiring!!! XD
    Jan 21, 2017
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