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Pokemon Sun And Moon Episode 1 : The 4 Island Journey

by EvanLeon

"The world of Pokémon. A place with Magical creatures called Pokémon. Which brings us to a certain young boy named Ash Ketchum who dreams of becoming a Pokémon master." says the narrator. "I can't wait to get to the Alola Region." Says Ash. "Yeah" says Serena. "I wonder what Pokémon we'll see?" Says Ash. "Psst Ash" says a voice from the seat behind them. "Who's there?" Asks Ash. "Its me Sawyer" says Sawyer. "What are you doing here?" Asks Serena. "Well I heard you were guys were going so I decided to come." Answers Sawyer. "Well you can come with us." says Ash. "Cool" says Sawyer. The plane lands and they get out. "Hi welcome to Alola." Says a person in a white lab coat. "Are you the professor of this region?" Asks Ash. "Yes, I'm professor Kukui." "I'm Ash and this is Pikachu" says Ash. "I'm Serena." "And I'm Sawyer" " Well You should come to my lab and see the starters" Says Proffesor Kukui. "Ok" Says Everyone. They get to the lab. "Welcome back Proffesor. Wait Who are these people." says a girl in a white dress with a pouch. "Oh these are new trainers. This is Lilly my lab assintant." Says Proffesor Kukui. "I'm Ash and this is Pikachu." "I'm Serena" " And I'm Sawyer." "Let me get Hala" says Proffesor Kukui. He Walks downstairs. He comes up with a person with in a yellow shirt on. "This is Hala. My other assintant. Hau can you show them the starters?" Asks Kukui. "Ok" He brings out three Pokeballs and throws them out. "This is Rowlet, This is Litten, and this is Popplio. "I'll choose Rowlet." Says Sawyer. "And I'll choose Popplio" Says Serena. "Well then I get Litten" Says Ash. "Well you'll each need a Pokedex" Says Kukui. He gives them each a Pokedex and a Pokeball. "Is there a Pokémon in here?" Asks Sawyer. "Yes a Rotom" Answers Kukui. "Why?" Says Ash. "Because Rotom Fuses with your Pokedex" says Kukui. "WHAT!!??" Yells Everyone. "Yes now you can start your journey" Says Kukui. Everyone leaves the lab. "Our Heroes journey has just begun. What will happen in the future. Only Time will tell. As the Journey continues.

To Be Continued
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