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Pokemon sun and moon elite trainer box review


@_SP00KSTER_ZARD_ This is a review of the newest product for pokemon tcg players
The sun and moon elite trainer box contains the following
.6 tournament legal die
.1 tournament legal coin flip dice
. 65 official pokemon tcg card sleeves with either lunala or solgaleo artwork on the back of the sleeves
. 8 pokemon tcg sun and moon booster packs
. 4 card dividers to separate your cards
. 2 plastic cased poison and burn counters
. 1 plastic cased GX Counter
. 1 Poster
. 1 players guide to the set
. and 1 storage box for your cards it can hold about 550 non sleeved cards
and about 300 sleeved cards
The sun and moon elite trainer box is mostly used for collectors to store their cards or just for storing your decks. For the packs people have been getting good pulls but that doesn't mean you could get good pulls i would rate the pulls i got a above average for the one full art trainer. overall this is a decent box for collectors and advanced players. The sleeves are good for protecting your cards or your deck. I would give this a 3/5 star rating (Next review will be the Charizard ex tin)
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  1. @_SP00KSTER_ZARD_
    Little did i know i would not review the charizard EX tin
    Jan 1, 2018