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Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure: Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure Prologue

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer The start of a Horrifying Event...Z
“Grunts, send out your Golbats to weaken the Deity Guardian of this Island.”Said an unknown voice. “Alright boss...Go Golbat!!!” All of the grunts shouted while throwing the Pokeballs up in the air. Golbats popped out of the Pokeballs.

“Use Air Slash!” The grunts shouted. The Golbats shot sharp air currents at the Deity that looked like a giant Lion. The Deity dodged the Air Slashes and sprung up into the air. A powerful red aura surrounded the Deity and it charged at the Golbats. It instantly took the Golbats out.

All of the Golbats returned into the Pokeballs, then the Boss said, “I will weaken you myself.” He sent out a silhouette of a Pokemon and yelled, “Use Hyperbeam!!!.” Then the silhouette shot a purple beam of light at the Deity and hit. The Deity collapsed and the Boss said, “Go Masterball!.” The Masterball shook three times and then made a “Ding” sound. “I have finally caught “The beast of the Sun” Solgaleo!” The Boss said.

“I won't let you get away!!!” Said a familiar voice to the Kalos region. “Oh no...” The unknown voice said, “Your Blaziken Man! Everyone Retreat! Go back to HQ.” The grunts threw smoke bombs on the ground and instantly vanished, so did the Boss.

“If they get Lunala...” Blaziken Man said, “Zygarde...No I won't let it Happen!!!”

To be Continued...
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