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Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure: Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure: Chapter 2

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer Chris and Hau receive their starter Pokemon.

Chris's Team: Popplio

Rival Hau's Team: Litten

Antagonists: Mystery Goons
“...Popplio!” Chris said. “Wow you chose Popplio Chris.....So I will choose Litten!” Hau shouted.

“Now that you got your own Pokemon....You can battle.” Professor Kukui said. “A battle?” Chris asked. “Alright.” Professor Kukui walked up on to the table. “Wow my first battle with my new partner..” Hau said. “Now you two, Battle BEGIN!” Kukui Yelled out.

“Moves that Popplio can use...oh yeah, Use WaterGun!” Chris commanded. “WaterGun, hmm...Litten Use Ember!” Hau said to Litten. The WaterGun collided with the Ember, and the WaterGun broke though it and hit Litten with a ton of force. “Oh No! Litten are you ok?” Hau asked Litten. Litten nodded in pain, but could keep battling. “Litten use Tackle!” Hau commanded. “Alright Popplio, we will use WaterGun again!” Chris said to counter Litten’s Tackle.

“Litten dodge the WaterGun! Keep going with Tackle!” Hau yelled out. “Popplio one more WaterGun!” Chris said when he knew the battle was over. The WaterGun hit Litten and made it faint. “Aw man, you won Chris.” Hau told Chris.

“Litten is unable to battle! Chris is the winner!” Kukui yelled out over the battle field. Professor Hala was spectating the battle. “Now Chris and Hau”,Hala said, “Here is a Pokedex.” Hala handed Chris and Hau both a Pokedex. Suddenly Hala threw out two Pokeballs. “Go, Rotom!” Hala shouted. Before Chris and Hau got to use their Pokedex, the Rotom went into their Pokedexes. The Pokedexes sprouted plasma wings. “I’m your Pokedex!” The Rotom Pokedex said in a perky voice.

“Woah!” Chris and Hau said in amazement. Suddenly Chris’s Pokedex scanned Popplio. Chris’s Pokedex said, “Popplio, the Sea Lion Pokemon. Popplio’s Swimming speed is known to exceed 25 mph. It’s better at moving in the water than on land. But when on land, it can spin water balloons to make acrobatic jumps and it can use them in battle.” Suddenly Hau’s Pokedex scanned Litten. Hau’s Pokedex said, “Litten, the Fire Cat Pokemon. Logical but also passionate, Litten always remains coolheaded and doesn't show its emotions on the surface. Litten can attack with flaming hairballs, its fur is rich in oils that are flammable. When Litten licks its fur it can shoot flaming hairballs a little while later.

Time passed quickly. The sun was going down and millions of stars started to appear in the dusky sky. “You two should head home, there is a ceremony tomorrow. Its to honor the Island Deity Tapu Koko. Do you two wanna come?” Hala asked. “Of course we will!” Chris said, he knew Hau agreed. “We battle to show our thanks, so get ready.” Kukui said. Chris and Hau scurried through route 1 and they got to their homes, where they had dreams about the adventure they would go on for the many days to come.

*Healing Pokemon sound* Their Pokemon were all healed.

“So did you here that Solgaleo was captured by those goons?” Kukui asked Hala. “Yes I did, they will never get away with it. They could use it to rule the world, by changing the sun’s rays’ directions on the world.” Hala said. “That would cause a Solar Apocalypse....”Kukui said in a worried voice.

To Be Continued....
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