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Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure: Pokemon Sun and Moon Adventure: Chapter 1

by SilvallyTamer

SilvallyTamer Chris and Hau meets the Professor of the Alola Region.
Chris suddenly sprung out of his bed and remembered something. “I need to meet Hau at the entrance of Route 1”. Chris quickly swapped out of his pajamas, ran to say good morning to his mother and ran out the door. “Um...lets see here...oh its to the right to town”, Chris thought out loud.

“Hey Chris, I’m over here!!!” Chris’s friend Hau shouted. Chris ran to his friend. “So why did we meet here?” Chris asked. “Well we are meeting the Ex-Professor of the Alola Region”, Hau said. Suddenly a big old man walked over to Chris and Hau.

“Are you two the kids I wanted to meet?” Asked the big old looking man. “Uh yes.” Hau responded. “Alright then follow me.” Chris and Hau followed the Ex-Professor, through Route 1. The Professor protected Chris and Hau from any Harm from wild Pokemon.

When the three arrived to the next town, they followed the professor to a big table looking thing. “So, this is the recently elected professor of the Alola region...Professor Kukui.” The Ex-Professor said. “Hello I am Professor Kukui and the Ex- Professor is Hala. So Chris and Hau, are you both loving and caring to Pokemon?” Kukui asked.

“Um yes we are.” Chris and Hau both said at the same time. “Now, do you want a starter Pokemon?” Kukui Asked. “Of course!!!” Chris and Hau said. Hala threw 3 Pokeballs into the air and opened up. 3 Pokemon jumped out of them on to the table. “Now these are the three starter Pokemon of the Alola region.” Hala stated.

“Koo Koo!” A little owl looking Pokemon yelled out. “This is Rowlet the Grass Quill Pokemon, It is a Grass and Flying Type.” Professor Kukui stated. “Mrowr...” Meowed a little cat looking Pokemon. “This is Litten the Fire Cat Pokemon, It is a Fire type.” Hala stated. “Bwark?” A little Sea Lion looking Pokemon asked. “Finally This is Popplio the Sea Lion Pokemon, It is a Water Type.” Professor Kukui Stated.

“Chris you pick first.” Hau offered. “Uh..ok....I’m gonna pick....”

To Be continued...
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    Thieving Fox
    Pick Litten, Hau!
    Sep 17, 2016
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