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Pokemon Special: New Gen Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Our heroes are in a horrible future, where team magma and team aqua rule the world. Magma rules: Kanto, Hoenn and Unova. Aqua rules: Johto, Sinnoh and Kalos.
"HEY, AQUA!!!!" A female voice was heard. "What is it, Orange?" Aqua responded. Orange, Aqua and their friends lived in their secret bunker underground. If they were spotted, they would be put in prison and hurt by team aqua and magma's pokemon. Luckily, with the help of their pokemon, they managed to sneak past them. Ice, grass and electric type moves were helpful. "I found some book with my mom's name on it!" Orange exclaimed. She and Aqua have been best friends since they were 3, so they were normally put together in their team missions. Their leader was 11 year old Grey, son of Black and White, who was booksmart and very brave, so he was the big brother figure to the younger kids. And Orange, even though she was older. "WHAT!?" Aqua asked, shocked. "I know, right? I'll go tell Dyana, Garnet and Treasure, you tell Grey, Dusk and Sapph!" Orange yelled. Aqua sighed. He was used to Orange's rashness. He was the serious one, so he always kept her in place. He went to go tell the others. With Dyana and Garnet..... "Yo, Dyana, Looky here!" Garnet yelled. "Please be more quiet, Garnet, I'm reading." Dyana told. "Kay', but I found 3 pokemon!" Garnet yelled. Dyana was surprised. She and Garnet were the youngest, so they weren't allowed pokemon. "Really? What are they?" She asked, intrigued. "Well, Mine is Mudkip, you can have the other 2! Turtwig and Munchlax!" Garnet declared, throwing Dyana the 2 pokeballs. Dyana was touched, she knew Garnet absolutely adored pokemon, so giving her the other one was very kind. "Thank you verily." Dyana said. "Dya! No need to be so formal! Were best friends, remember?" Garnet exclaimed. Dya giggled. Two of the reasons she liked Garnet was because he was loyal and kind. Dya, was her nickname, which sounded like her father's nickname, Dia. "Okay, thank you, dude." Dya retold. "Heh... Funny." Garnet laughed. "GUYS!" Orange yelled. The duo whirled around to see Orange and her Pikachu, Raiden, running over. Orange had a journal in her hand. Later... "So that's what happened!" Orange explained. The group was surprised. She found it in Grey's library, and it had her Mom's name on it: Yellow Crimson. "What does it say, Naranja?!?" Treasure asked. "First Page: Whoever is reading this is either a Team Aqua and Magma grunt or the kids. Well, I hope it's the kids, because the next page will change the future and save your world." Oran and her friends looked surprised and hope filled their spirits, so Orange turned the page. On the next page was a pokeball. Oran read the message next to it. "This pokemon will send you back in time so you can save our world. Their, you will meet our younger selves, and we will help you beat team magma and team aqua when they were not as strong. Open the pokeball now~ Crystal." Orange read,. "Mom..." Treasure whispered. Oran looked at her friends. Aqua nodded. Treasure put up a thumbs up. Dusk shot her a face that said "Meh". Garnet yelled "YES!!". Sapph looked nervous, but nodded. Dyana nodded because Garnet agreed. Grey nodded as well. Orange took a deep breath, and opened the pokeball up. Inside was the legendary pokemon, Celebi appeared. Then, next thing they knew, they were falling out of the sky, Orange squeezing on to Aqua, Treasure was trying to use Dusk as a skate board, Dya was holding onto Garnet tightly, and Sapph was hugging Grey, who was looking very uncomfortable.

The first chapter is done. Hope you liked it. Please comment and if you would like, leave an oc.
  1. Adrian2AMBoss
    Name: Adrian Pokemon Team: Lucario, Chespin, and Fletchinder (hasn't caught alot of pokemon yet)
    Oct 23, 2014
  2. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Thanks! If you want to, you make an OC. Also, the remaining characters to have kids are: Pearl, Emerald, Wally, Cheren, Bianca, N, Calem, Serena, Trevor, Tierno, Shauna, Nate, Rosa, Hugh and..... YOUNGSTER JOEY! I'm actually serious with that last one.
    Sep 23, 2014
  3. TheChaoticNerd
    Awesome :blush:
    Sep 23, 2014