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Pokemon Sonic: Pokemon Sonic Version Episode 1:Let's Get This Show Running In Style!

by SonicAaron

SonicAaron 13 year old Sonic Who is a novice trainer begins his journey in the Kanto Region!
"Hey Sonic hurry down Professer Oak needs you!" Said my father."Be right there Dad!" I yelled.I was there in 3 seconds.Here in Pallet town they know as the "Wind Master" because of how fast I am!."OK kid go on to the lab and good luck!" Said my Father smiling."What's with the smile?" I questioned.He replies with "Heh heh you'll see" I then opened the door...

Sonic: Hmmm Im sure I saw a little rascal....
There was my Pikachu who was a Pichu egg when I was born.He is my best friend.
Pikachu:pika Pi!
Sonic:Found You!
Hahahaha! You crack me up Pikachu!
Pikachu: Pikachu!
Sonic: Cmon Let's go!
5 minutes later....
Sonic:We are here...wait!
???:Well well well if it isn't Sonic!
Sonic:*Gasp* Kevin!
Kevin:Still not a trainer huh?
Kevin is a Pokemon trainer who uses the Eevee gang.A gang which consists an Eevee,Vaporeon,Jolteon,and Flareon!
Kevin:Hey I herd Gramps has a request for you! Get in the lab loser!
Sonic:I'll beat him one day...
Once I entered the lab it was pitch black!
Sonic: Hello Prof.Oak?
???:Ah hello Sonic!
Then the lights turned on!
Sonic:There you are!
Prof.Oak:Do you know why I called you here?
Oak:I called you here because I want you to complete the Kanto pokedex!
Sonic:No Way?! Really?!
Oak:Yes you are of age to start so here
Sonic: My Pokedex and 10 Pokeballs!
Oak:Yes I would give you a starter Pokemon but they were all taken....
Sonic:That's OK!
Sonic:I got Pikachu on my team!
Oak:Go on Sonic your journey begins now!
Sonic:Thank You!
  1. MarioVector
    Did you call yourself Sonic in your Pokemon Yellow?
    Jun 17, 2015