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Pokemon Sonic: Pokemon Sonic Part 2:For the love of Mankey!

by SonicAaron

SonicAaron Sonic and Pikachu encounter a Mankey who fools around with them!
Announcer:The adventure begins again when Sonic and Pikachu go to Viridian City but along the way they meet a new friend!

Sonic:Hey Pikachu how long is Route 1?!
Sonic:We have been walking for hours!
Then we hear a rustle...
*Rustle* *Rustle*
Sonic:What was that?
Suddenly a Mankey sprang out of nowhere and stole Sonic's Hat!
Sonic:My Hat!
Pikachu: Chu! Chu! Chu!
Sonic:Yeah keep on laughing my hair is actually black that's a hat!
Sonic:Hey give it back you...
Sonic:Uh what are you?
Pikachu then touched the pokedex on Sonic's pocket!
Sonic: Oh right the pokedex!
Sonic:So its a Mankey!
Mankey: Mankey!
Sonic:OK boy give it back slowly....
Mankey looked into Sonic's eyes and knew he was good
So then Mankey gave the hat back!
Sonic:Yes thank you!
Then mankey pointed west
Sonic: Is that the way to Viridian City?
Sonic:Ok thank you Mankey bye!
Pikachu:Chu Pikachu!