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Pokemon Solar Sun and Lunar Moon(Hero Version)

by PokeZetra

PokeZetra New Generation of Region!
Sola(The Hero)
Duke(Hero's rival)
Karagon(Sola's Pokemon Type:Dragon/Fighting)
Rowlet->Hootdini(Sola's pokemon Type:Grass/Flying)
Blazitoad(Sola's Pokemon Type:Fire/Water)
Litten->Leocoal(Duke's Pokemon Type:Fire/Dark)
Solgaleo(Alola Legend)
Sola see something is battling each other,a lion and a bat is battling with a big flashing light,and he awakened by his dad."Wake up,Sola!You can only take your pokemon if you not late!".Sola wake up and prepared to Prof.Conrald's lab.Fortunately,cause of the pokemon that Prof.Conrald'll give looks weak(sorry,Conrald!:D) so only Sola and Duke that come.Sola has choose rowlet and Duke has choose litten.They got the Pokedex and some pokeballs for help them in their adventure.They start to go to the first town gym in the Palpicca town and they both have their first badges,the fruit badge.They Battle many trainer and catch many pokemon so they both arrived in the sixth gym the rock gym.Unfortunately,Duke's pokemon is fire and flying type so he has a big fail,but Sola has beat the gym leader and get to the next gym in the Trowater city the biggest city in Alola region.It's little hard to beat cause the gym have a fire/water type pokemon.He arranged his team and beat the seventh gym.Now his team is Hootdini,Blazitoad and Karagon.He Confused while finding the eight gym.but he find out Prof.Conrald is the last gym leader,Conrald using Dark type so Sola can beat him with Karagon.He arrived to the Pokemon League and beat the elite four.He battle Duke in the last round he beat Duke with his three pokemon and win the league with all the Alola pokemon(he get the battler pokemon by bond and the pokemon that he caught need to be take care.He find out that the lion and the bat that battle each other,is Solgaleo and Lunala.He meet Solgaleo and a light get to Sola's pokemon team,meanwhile a girl get the opposing Lunala. he has complete the pokedex and become the alola champion,he fixed the sun using Solgaleo's power and he called as a hero.
  1. Arceusove
    Apr 5, 2017